Bunch of Weekend Stuff

Another busy weekend! Though I have to say I am kind of digging this “get up early and do stuff in the morning” thing.

On Friday night, GG took me to Zern’s, which is an indoor/outdoor farmer’s market, flea market, and backwoods kind of mall. There seemed to be lots of local people there for whom a trip to Zern’s was clearly their usual weekend hangout activity. Before going, the only thing I really knew about this place was that a college friend got his picture taken with Santa there when he was little, and later realized that the Santa in the picture was missing a finger. That’s a pretty accurate description of the place, actually. We ended up getting some corn and a watermelon, and ate a bunch of junk (cheese fries, funnel cake, etc.). If I go again, I might like to visit during the daytime, because things were getting a little creepy as the shops closed up for the night. [Edit – 1:58 PM] Here is a really good entry from someone else’s blog about Zern’s, complete with photos. This is another good one – the captions on the photos totally cracked me up. [/Edit]

The cats woke me up early on Saturday morning, so I figured I might as well mow the lawn while it was still cool out. Then GG and I went to the Phoenixville Farmer’s Market, which was small but really nice. There was a musician in the center, with a little area for kids to play or something. They had several farms selling produce (we got apples, pears, huge peaches, carrots, and beans), a “raw milk” cheese stand (made from unpasturized milk, but it pasturizes itself during the cheese aging process; I got a wedge of blue cheese, which GG could not support), Amish pies (we picked one up for dessert that night), a stand selling buffalo meat (!), and a bunch of crafts and candles and stuff. Lots of jellies and honey, too. Everyone was really friendly. I could definitely see making it a habit to go there. Afterwards, we had brunch at Nudy’s cafe – banana walnut pancakes I couldn’t even finish..! And we stopped by my grandmother’s house and picked up the headboard from my old bed, which I took home and attached to our spare twin bed – yay, no more pillows falling off the back of the bed!

On Saturday night we went to Ed’s house for dinner with him and Kate. We brought the corn and half the watermelon from Zern’s, and the Amish berry pie, plus GG went to this seafood place he’d just learned about and got crab, mako shark, and salmon. Ed got steaks (they were really good steaks…), and made appetizers. We sat outside, and while I ate dinner, mosquitos ate me. Then we watched The Usual Suspects. I’d never seen it before, but I knew what the twist was at the end. I could barely follow the story, though! I don’t really know how this is so many people’s favorite movie.

On Sunday morning, GG and I went to my grandmother’s house to get the last of my stuff out of her basement. There was way more in there than I’d realized – like, boxes and boxes of books, toys, papers and things… We filled up two cars with everything, and brought it back to our house. Then while GG was out doing errands, I spread everything out in the living room and sorted it. I ended up throwing a bunch of stuff out, offering a bunch on Freecycle (with more to come, I just couldn’t list everything at once), and consolidating a bunch more to store in our basement. We’d had a set of wire shelves hanging around for a while that we finally put together on Saturday, and then on Sunday GG bought another set, so I could finally put away everything I’d moved out of my grandmother’s house, which had been sitting around our living room and dining room for weeks. And then I vacuumed! Aaahhh..! It felt so good to be able to finally pack everything away and clean. I kept bugging GG to help me carry the last few heavy boxes downstairs, because I couldn’t do it myself. I told him once he did that, the day’s nagging would be over. Then he joked something like, “And so begins the nagging for Monday.” I’d been thinking of going out to dinner, but GG was tired and so was I, so we just ordered Chinese food from the place down the street :o)

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  1. We usually aren’t so productive in the mornings – it’s just been the past couple weeks, really. I’m lucky if the cats let me sleep in until 8:00, though. They’re very demanding!

  2. I hope you didn’t wear any good clothes to Zern’s because they should now be burned. If you go back you need to after 4pm but while it is still light out. They have awesome beef jerky there.

  3. Thanks for visiting my site Lola! Zern’s is hysterical…you should definately see it on a Friday night when all the area people get “dressed up”! Zerns has always been a fun place to go for laughs,fried food, combat clothes, and oddly enough…fake designer purses! I actually grew up here and moved back from LA last month. Great website!

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