Laptop Bag!

My birthday present from GG arrived today! He got me a beautiful bag for my laptop from Janine King Designs. It’s so well made, fits my computer perfectly, and even though her shop announcement says to allow extra time for delivery because she’s on vacation, it arrived really quickly!

(I kind of hate this picture, though. I look awful [this was first thing when I came home from work today], and I’m standing in front of the junk pile that is GG’s studio. It’s just that this was his first etsy purchase and I wanted to show him how to leave a customer appreciation photo with his feedback.)

Can I talk some more about how much I like having a laptop? Right now I am laying on the bed with Ivan snuggling up next to me, which of course wouldn’t happen if I were sitting upright in a chair at the desk. Not just because it would be physically impossible, but also because he’s terrified of people until they are laying down – then he’s all over you.

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