Don’t mind me, just complaining about work…

[vague] I am so sick of this. I’m sick of the know-it-all attitude, and how people don’t take the time to learn about things before assuming control of them. There have been so many screw-ups lately, just because of dumb mistakes. How did people get by before? Someone must have known what was going on. I’m sick of being told to do one stupid thing, and then having to go back and re-do everything a different stupid way. And I am especially sick of being yelled at over the phone. [/vague]

So remember when I wrote about how I didn’t get that job? (Probably not, the post was password-protected, and nobody’s ever asked me for the password.) Well, it was still listed on the job posting site with a new HR contact person, so I e-mailed her, but the job has definitely been offered to someone else. Now… there was another job posted that was slightly less awesome, but I was also considering applying for it. It sounds like all the cool parts of what I do now. But I’m a little reluctant… sort of that “devil you know vs. the one you don’t” type of thing.

I haven’t cleaned the house for a couple weeks because it’s just been so hot. And also I have this giant pile of stuff I moved out of my grandmother’s house (and more on the way this weekend!) and nowhere to put it until we organize the basement, so it’s just sitting in the living room and it’s very depressing. But last night I cleaned the kitchen and I vacuumed the whole upstairs. Progress! Maybe tonight I can work on the basement some, or maybe at least vacuum downstairs…

I updated the About Me and Characters pages slightly last night.

PS: I might need a pair of these.

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  1. Try for the slighly less awesome job, it may be more awesome than you imagined (my current job was my 3rd choice and I am SO GLAD I took it!)

    PS Love the carpet skates!

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