Lonely Rainy Day…

This morning has been so rainy and gross. The worst part is, the rain isn’t bringing down the temparature at all – now it feels even worse and more humid. With Heather out sick today and Julie in her new department, I’m all alone here at work today :o( I went to Trader Joe’s last night and got all this yummy food to pack for lunch, and then I got lazy last night and didn’t even pack anything!

Also, I want to join a CSA (I know, it’s a little late in the season, but maybe for next year?), but the one closest to me has like a two-year waiting list?! And the next closest one is pretty far away… and they don’t deliver (they are “experimenting” with home delivery), so I’d have to drive there to pick stuff up every week. Oh well, the close one sells at a local farmers’ market, maybe I can try to catch it. (It’s only open 9 AM-1 PM on Saturdays, so it’s a rare occasion that we’d actually be awake, dressed, and ready to go in time…)

One comment on “Lonely Rainy Day…

  1. That CSA sounds like a really brilliant idea. We use a local box scheme, getting organic fruit and vegetables delivered every week. It is a little expensive, but it works out well.

    I’d love to have an allotment again; i had one before and it was ever so rewarding. I hope i’ll find time to be able to do one again next year.

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