A weekend deserving of a good nap.

This weekend was pretty busy and productive.

GG and I went to see the Simpsons Movie on Friday night. It was really good. I am a longtime Simpsons fan, and GG likes the show okay, but is sort of prejudiced against it because he claims to prefer Family Guy. I’d heard nothing but good things about the movie, and GG heard from one guy that it sucked. Turns out, he enjoyed it just as much as I did. They were able to put in a bunch of stuff that they could never have gotten away with on TV, but it wasn’t so outragous or different that it didn’t feel like the good old Simpsons we’ve come to know and love. Our only complaint was that we were told Gil appeared in the movie, and maybe he was in a crowd scene or something, but we were hoping he’d make more of an appearance.

On Saturday I thought I’d throw our curtains in the wash to remove the cat fur that’s all over them. Turns out that although we got them at Kmart and Target, our curtains were all “dry clean only!” I discovered this after the fact, as I was hanging them back up and noticed that they are now about four inches too short. I was so ticked off. Then I went out to MU for a goodbye party for a girl from my fraternity. She and her husband are moving to Arizona for his job. It was a pretty laid back party. I went with Lina, and we got there around 5 PM. I left at about 8:30, because I didn’t want to be getting home too late. When I got home, I had all this stuff I’d planned to do, but I ended up falling asleep until GG got home (his band had been playing at a high school reunion in Reading).

Ivan woke me up on Sunday morning – he’s getting very agressive in the mornings, standing on me and meowing to wake me up. It was only about 6:30, but I really wanted to cut the grass while it was still cool out, so I just got up then and did all our grass, and I even trimmed the edges! I’d told GG I wanted to wake up and get going early, so we actually were both ready to go by about 9:30, when we headed to Target to get some new curtains..! I was able to find the same kind as the ones I’d had in the front bedroom, which I love because they’re really heavy and thick and keep the light out well. We got the same kind for our bedroom, which GG is happy about (the sun rises on that side of the house, so it gets bright early). We picked up some other things while we were out, and went to get some lunch. When we got home, I ironed and hung all the new curtains, and did all our laundry. Then I took a really nice nap! When I woke up, we went to Outback for dinner (sort of a last minute choice), and then Trader Joe’s.

So now it’s Monday and I’m back at work, and it’s like “and then there were two.” There used to be five of us that hung out all the time: Jen, Julie, Jess, Heather, and me. Then Jess got laid off and came back a few months ago working for another company as a contractor, in a different section of the building. Jen moved to a different group in our department and works part time now, so she’s only here two or three days a week. Julie started a job in a different department this week and today is the first day that she’s actually moved to her new location. So it’s just down to me and Heather. At least we sit next to each other…

Question: You know those big metal boxes that you often see in parking lots, marked “Shoe and Clothing Donations” or something similar? Where do they actually go? I have a bunch of clothes to get rid of, and I’d like for it to go to someone who actually needs it. (Otherwise, I’d just post everything on Freecycle, but I think there’s a lot of freebie-grubbers who would just take anything, regardless of whether or not they need it, just because it’s free.)

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  1. You know what, i’m not even sure where those donation boxes go, apart from one which i think says Salvation Army on it. But that’s not really very descriptive.

    I sometimes take clothes to those boxes because i’d be embarrassed to take them to the charity shop, in case they look in the bag while i’m still there, heh! :)

    Of course, it’s always possible somebody might take a fancy to your clothes and attempt to hoik them out of the donation box, but that’s not to be advised! ;)

  2. Sean and I are supposedly going to see The Simpsons movie soon…he is a very loyal follower. I must have quit in like, what? Ninth grade? But I heard it is still good.
    Bummer about the curtains. I just always use the lint roller on ours because Stupid Burt gets hair all over them and he’s the short-haired one!

  3. OK, leave it to me to actually know the answer to the donation box question, (I hate that I know this kind of stuff and can’t resist sharing)
    Anyhow. The charities or agents pick up the clothes from the boxes and they are taken to a clearing house. Before they are sorted, the contents of the containers for a specific charity, (since one load may be from many containers) are weighed and a flat rate is paid to the charity for the items.
    The clearing house sorts the items usually by type of clothing and sizes. Naturally coats and sweatshirts aren’t much use in Haiti or Africa.
    The clearing house sells the sorted bundles to wholesalers that deal in used clothing. The wholesalers ship the clothes to where they can get the best price. Those buyers in foreign lands usually buy the bundles sight unseen at a set price per pound or kilogram. They sort the clothes again and either sell the clothes to the public themselves or sell to retailers in the country that in turn sell to consumers.
    That is why you may see film footage of a village in sub-Saharan Africa, say Mali, and there are kids running around with LA Laker t shirts and NY Yankee shirts, etc.

  4. Soo.. that answers my question about where the clothes go… Though I feel kind of bad that they’re getting bought and sold, when I could just hand everything to a homeless person or something…

  5. Actually, you could give the clothes directly to a homeless shelter. They have some strict guidelines about the clothing. It must be clean and serviceable. They don’t want ripped and worn out clothing.

    If you have decent clothing you can take it directly to a Salvation Army store or even other stuff like appliances and furniture that still are in good condition. These stores sell to low income families that can’t afford to go to even Target or Walmart. (There’s a Salvation Army Store on Mac Dade Blvd. near Yeadon. If you go there to donate, you’ll see the kind of needy people I mean. They’re just caught in unfortunate circumstances usually)

    You get a receipt for your donation for tax purposes, if you itemize.

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