Bad Day

I can’t decide if today was really good or really bad.


  • GG and I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and got some shelves and a knife holder that I’ve wanted for a while – and didn’t pay full price for anything.
  • We saw V for Vendetta, and not only was it awesome, the 1812 Overture was a main feature of the movie, so now instead of dreading playing it at band, I’m sort of looking forward to it.


  • We went to Cinnabon to use this coupon I had for a 6-pack of cinnamon rolls. We do not normally go there, but I had a coupon. We tried using this coupon on Sunday, but they were out of cinnabons, didn’t have change, and turned off the lights and had customers waiting in the darkness an hour before the store was to close. So we gave them a second chance. This time, the woman ahead of me in line was taking a long time to be rung up, as the woman behind the counter scrambled around looking for something. Finally, I heard that they were looking for a pen so she could sign her credit card receipt, and I was like, “You need a pen? I have a pen!” Problem solved, right? No, because when it was my turn, the woman didn’t know how to enter my coupon to give me my $3 off, and I could barely understand her through her thick accent, but I think she wanted me to pay full price now, and then wait for her manager to come back in half an hour to give me my $3 back? Um, no, we don’t need Cinnabon that badly.
  • Leaving the mall, someone was waiting behind me for my parking spot, but their position prevented me from turning the way I needed to to leave, so I had to turn the other way and go out of my way all around the parking lot to get out. And when I was originally trying to back out and point the right direction, and realized I couldn’t, I saw them in the rearview mirror throw up their hands, like, “What do you want me to do?!” Um, move?
  • Leaving the movie, GG felt the need to go back into the theater to admonish a woman who brought two very young children to the theater. While I too am appalled that she would bring little kids to see a violent movie like that, and they did cry a little and make noise during the film, they weren’t really that bad, and I don’t think it was necessary to cause trouble like that. But GG doesn’t have that part of his brain that tells him whether or not something is socially appropriate.
  • I started assembling some of those shelves when I got home, and realized they must have been on clearance because they suck. None of the pieces fit together right, and the whole thing wobbles. Oh well, hopefully it’ll be enough just to stack up some stuff in the laundry room that we’ve been keeping on the floor for the last year.
  • The cashier at Staples was clearly on the phone with a personal call while ringing me up – he did not say one word to me the entire time. And he was so out of it, he tried to give me back my coupon after he’d scanned it. (Now that I think about it, I should’ve just taken it back!)
  • They ran out of plastic bags at the supermarket, so rather than use a paper bag for a salad and a carton of milk, I just carried my stuff out in my hands. Actually, that was kind of funny, because the whole front-end was filled with the sound of paper bags being unfolded, which is something you don’t really notice when everything is done in plastic bags.
  • GG’s show tonight is in Cape May, NJ, and I always worry when he has to drive so far so late at night. But he’s going to spend the night at their bassist’s house (he lives in NJ), which is good, although I’ll miss him because he plans to wake up there at 9:30, so he probably won’t be home until about 11.

There might have been more, I forget. I mean, I got to go out and spend the day with GG which was so so so nice, but all those little things just made me so angry… and I’m really not usually an angry person!

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