Yeah I wore a green shirt today.

GG’s comedy gig last night was… disappointing. He did almost the exact same set he did on Tuesday (when he just about got the most laughs out of any of the comedians), but he got almost no laughs, and it fact it seemed like he truly offended a lot of people! The good news, though: he had originally thought that he would get 4 minutes to perform, plus one minute per person he brought to the show, up to 10 minutes total. Wrong. They give you 4 minutes for the first five people you bring, plus one minute per person after that, up to 10 minutes. So he thought he’d be lucky to just get the four minutes, since he wasn’t sure how many people would be there for him (besides me, obviously). But amazingly, he had ten audience members there for him! I think, though, that having nine or ten minutes to perform was sort of a detriment to him, because 1) with more time he was able to slow down a little bit, which came across as sounding sort of fake or rehearsed, and 2) the sets he had planned started out offensive and just got more and more so, and that was apparently not what the audience wanted to hear, but he stuck to his plans and had plenty of time to tell lots of offensive jokes.

So today at work the Training half of our department (which, as of Wednesday I’m no longer in) had a big meeting with our AVP to address all the rumors people have been hearing about the future of training in the R&D organization at our company. So we learned that at the big executive meeting yesterday, nothing was really decided, but apparently nobody knows for sure what happened.

Then the AVP took me and my former group out to lunch, which had been planned for months, because he was trying to take each group in the department out for an appreciation luncheon, so we had to kind of act like everything was the way it was, oh, two weeks ago. It was good, though – I think we had fun, and the restaurant and food were excellent.

We got a new toilet seat tonight and I installed it by myself. It was actually really easy, and now after a year we finally have a seat that doesn’t wiggle and slide all over the bowl. The grossest thing: when I took off the old seat, the screws that held it in place were all sticky and I thought maybe putting something sticky like that was part of the toilet seat attachment process. No. The screws were sticky with old urine. Needless to say, I washed everything off really well before putting the new seat on. Yuckkkkkkkk!

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  1. OK I am completely hungover from St Patrick’s Day…and then I read the sticky urine thing. I am totally going to puke now. Gag.

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