Stuff Portrait Friday – Brought to you by the letter C

Here’s this week’s SPF assignment from Kristine:

Couch: GG and I spent all day at the Morgantown Outlet Mall (basically an entire mall of furniture) trying to find the perfect sofa. I think we sat on every sofa in that place, testing it out for looks, comfort, and whether or not GG could fit on it laying down (he’s 6’4″). We ended up with this super comfy chenille set – yes, you can see the matching loveseat in the mirror (I’m standing on it!).

Coat: I’ve had this for a few years, and I guess it’s starting to look a little worn. It’s really the perfect coat, though. When it’s very cold, people ask me if it’s warm enough, and when it starts to get warmer, I kind of wish I had a lighter jacket… but it’s a really great medium-weight coat, I can wear it in the rain, and the pockets zip shut.

Look at the kitties under the table watching me. “What is she doing?!”

Candles: I don’t burn candles (I don’t think we even have matches in the house), and I don’t really decorate with them, but you may have noticed these in the couch photo. When we got that mirror/shelf thin that’s hanging over the sofa, I wanted some candles to put on it, so we got all this in the $1 section of Target. (Obviously this happened around Halloween… hence the festive skull candle.)

Did you play??

10 comments on “Stuff Portrait Friday – Brought to you by the letter C

  1. Love that you can see your legs in the photo and your cats peeking out in the second one. Great pics!

    I played too… Happy SPF and Happy St. Patrick’s Day! :)

  2. If you hadn’t said that GG can lay down on your couch, I would have thought it was smaller. Go figure.

    My kitties snuck into my pics too. They’re sly like that sometimes…

    Great SPF!

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