Hello WordPad!

After spending all day messing with all these WordPad files and templates and whatnot, I figured that, since it’s now tomorrow, I should probably create a post. Implementing WordPad was a little frustrating, but I really really wanted to be able to produce an RSS feed (especially now that I’m obsessed with Bloglines), and WordPad can do it, whereas Blogger couldn’t. So if you’ve been linking to my site, but you really just want me for my blog, I would suggest changing your links to LolaBlog.LolaGeek.com.

So if you were reading on Friday, you saw that I was looking into MP3 players. (Thanks for the comment Saucy, by the way!) Well, I went for it and got the Creative Zen MicroPhoto. It is very very cool. And usually I hate the software that things like this come with, but I actually really like the Zen MicroPhoto Media Explorer – it’s easy to use and does a great job, without any unnecessary stuff. Too bad this is a three-day weekend, because I can’t wait to start listening to music at work.

Neither of the kitties are lap cats, but a little while ago, as I was sitting here at the computer, Katrina was poking around under my chair, and I scooped her up and sat her on my lap, and she actually sat down and got comfy. She was even purring! (Of course, you see how long that lasted – she’s gone now.)

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