• We saw The Book of Mormon! When I heard it was coming to Philly, I suggested that we go – then my friend J told me she had tickets (they subscribe for the year), but correctly predicted that she would have just given birth before the date of the show, so I bought hers! It was a matinee show, so GG and I had brunch first at Garces Trading Company, then walked over to the theater. By a couple songs in, our mouths were hanging open in disbelief! We loved it! It was hilarious! And really, it was not mean-spirited toward Mormons or any other religion, it was just a sweet story. (I told J that if it came back to town, I would babysit so she and B could go.)
  • Saw Cynic in Philly! Disappointingly, Paul never stopped to talk about auras or do yoga on stage or anything…
  • GG and I had a really crazy Saturday where we spent the morning at this Pennhurst Asylum “open house” thing with a bunch of ghost hunters and ghost photographers. I don’t watch any of those ghost hunting shows, otherwise maybe I would’ve been more impressed with the special guests there. Pennhurst is generally closed to the public, so I guess it was a neat opportunity to see certain parts of it. But we left early to go to the Goshenhoppen Festival. My mom used to take me and my brother to this when we were kids. It was a little smaller than I remembered, but neat, and I think GG had a good, wholesome time :o)

  • We went to Shady Maple for GG’s birthday – my treat! (You get in free on your b-day…) It’s been a while since we’ve been there for a birthday, they now give you a birthday stack of coupons for their various shops. My favorite one was for the quilt store, it was for 20% off anything, excluding quilts. We also discovered that the Farm Market (really a supermarket) is amazing – almost worth driving out there just to do our grocery shopping!

  • I started a new business!!! I know I already have one side business but this was an amazing opportunity I could not pass up – joining from Day 1 with a new company is actually the sister of an established one (so they know what they’re doing as far as manufacturing, shipping, technology, etc. – it’s not just some lady in her basement going, “I’m going to sell some jewelry”). And most importantly, I love the product and what it’s about!
  • MB and A came to visit and we went to the zoo! I was last there when baby R was just a brand new baby, so it was fun seeing her there now that she’s a little girl!
  • Spending Labor Day weekend alone (as usual) but I have Every Simpsons Ever!

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