• Had my first real event for my second side business! …Did not go exactly the way I expected, but was good…
  • Then had my own combination side biz event/birthday party/house stuff reveal, which was great! Very good turnout, and I know everyone had a nice time :o) Also, potted mums are apparently peoples’ go-to gift for me…
  • …And had a ton more events for both of my side gigs! (One event had hula dancers performing at it!)
  • Went out for a really nice birthday dinner with GG at Wedge + Fig. I just found this place and I love it! We sat in their cute little courtyard and ate some fabulous food: cheese plate, bacon wrapped dates, salad, and a side of their famous mac & cheese (which you can also get in the form of a pie with a bacon-lattice top)! We were right next to the back window of the restaurant, looking into the kitchen, which was actually kind of cool because I love to watch chefs working. At one point this guy who’d been sitting near us came over and was asking what we thought of the food, etc. – turned out he was an owner!

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