• Added a new member to my team for my second side biz, and helped her launch!
  • Also did a bunch of activities and events for both of my side jobs… Very busy!
  • Went to my first Miche party (very dangerous for a purse addict such as myself…)
  • We found a little bump under the skin on Ivan’s tummy, right in his favorite spot for scratching – it felt like a little marble. The vet thought it might be a tumor, and if it was, it would be fast-growing, so we had it removed. Good news – it was a benign hemangioma! They removed it all, and it will not grow back :o)
  • Saw Gone Girl with my grandmom and my friend J, both of whom I’d gotten to read the book. The movie was great! Just as good (and frustrating) as the novel…
  • Had a beautiful, warm day for Homecoming at MU! It’s always nice to hang out with my college friends (mostly L and S, who we meet there every year), and fun to see how things change from year to year. This year we were able to get a tour of one of the fancy new dorms they’ve built! (Soon all our old dorms will be torn down and replaced by these things.) Private bathrooms! (I still don’t understand how they expect college kids to be responsible for keeping these things clean, but whatever…) And they have a late-night campus food truck now?!
  • Went to the Ren Faire with L and S! Another lovely day! We did our usual activities (pickle on a stick, the falconer, the Circus Stella acrobats…), and some new things (glassblowing demo, paraffin wax hand treatment…). And our friend J works there, so it’s fun to get to visit with her, too!
  • When I got home from the Ren Faire, there was an amazing gift waiting for me! A magical fairy had stopped by and left me a KitchenAid mixer! (The exact one I wanted!) …Ok, it was my mom, and it was sort of a thank-you gift for helping out with some stuff the previous week, and we’d been talking (for years!) about how I wanted one, but that was still extremely generous of her!
  • As usual, we gave out full-sized candy bars for Halloween this year. We sat out on our porch, but for some reason, some kids were scared to even come up to the house…?

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