Cactus Pear Gelato = Crazy Delicious!

GG’s set went great last night! The way this club works is, the comedians sign up a couple hours before the show, and then about half an hour before the show they put out a final list of who’s performing, what order, and how many minutes they each get. GG ended up going 16th (out of 21 comics), which is really good! He was also probably the first one to really get solid laughs throughout his entire set. He told some jokes he’d used before, because he was practicing for tomorrow night, but he also had a couple new ones, with a lot of success. I met a bunch of his comedian friends, too, so hopefully I’ll be able to remember faces with names when he talks about them.

We went to this crazy gelato place for dessert before the show. They had flavors like tahini, basil, blood orange, burnt sugar… I ended up with avocado and cactus pear (both delicious). GG got basil, coconut, and one other one that I forget. And they were very eager to give out samples, so we got to try a lot more. It was a cool place… and I would tell you the name if I could remember it.

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  1. I saw this thing on the food network where they went to an Avocado Festival in Carpinteria, California and they made Avocado Ice Cream and ever since then I have wanted to try it…It sounds SO GOOD! And now you’ve backed me up! What is the name of this place? find out and let me know!

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