Busy Business

Lina! I will be there next Monday!!!

Busy week coming up… tonight I’m watching GG at Helium’s open mike night (he’s practicing for Thursday, read on!), Wednesday is band practice, Thursday we’re going to Rascal’s for GG’s booking at New Talent Night!! (And like I said, I will be at MU next Monday for PSP! Arrrrr!)

It’s been officially announced to the department, so I guess I can officially announce it here: I, along with a couple of my work friends, am being switched to a new manager as of Wednesday. The three of them (it’s Jen, Julie, and Heather) will probably have new roles, as well, but mine will hopefully stay pretty much the same. That means my third manager in a year. And no more awesome manager who lets me watch her cats while she’s on vacation. But hopefully I can still feed her cats anyway.

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