Loooooong Weekend

My long weekend has been pretty nice so far. And it’s only half-over!

On Friday I slept in a little, as much as I could between GG getting ready for work and the cats trying to force me out of bed for breakfast. I took my time getting ready, though, before I went to my grandmother’s house to start moving out some of my stuff. (That’s my big project for this weekend – moving stuff. When GG and I moved into our house, I never really fully moved out of Gramom’s. I just took what I needed and got out of there. And I won the race! I moved out in June, my brother left for college in August, and my mom moved out in September or October.) I cleaned my stuff out of the dresser and closet, and that was enough to fill the entire trunk of my car. I figured that was enough for one day, considering that when I got everything home I had to sort it, organize it in some way, and pack it up in my basement. I’m still not totally done with puttin everything away, but I’ve done most of it.

Today GG had to take his new car back to the Pontiac dealer because the alignment of his front wheels was way off. We dropped his car off, and then planned to get lunch and see a movie before picking it up. So we went to Isaac’s, a sandwich place we like. It was closed! (I hope they just moved to a different location, and didn’t close the shop in this area alltogether!) So we went to the next shopping center over, where there was a Mexican place we’d eaten a couple times. That was closed too! (It’s reopening as a different Mexican place that we like, though, so that’s good.) We ended up getting a couple slices of pizza at a Clemens Market. Then we went to see The Hills Have Eyes. It was my choice. I have no idea what possessed me – I’m usually so reluctant to see horror films lately. It was pretty creepy, but I’m not so scared now that it’s night and I’m alone, because I’m not planning any foolish trips through the desert. I really only get scared by movies where I can picture myself in the same situation. After the movie, we went back to the Pontiac place to pick up GG’s car, which they’d had for several hours by this point. Apparently, they were just then getting to work. Even though they kept stressing the gazillion-point inspection that they do on the GM Certified cars, apparently wheel alignment is not one of those points. Also, according to the guy at the service desk, they just got the alignment machine?! How were they checking before that? Also, another service guy told us that the guy who had been performing the however-many-point inspections had just been fired. Hmm. Anyway, we’re sort of ticked at Pontiac right now.

GG’s band is just performing one set tonight, as part of a multi-band event, and it’s not too far away, so he’ll probably be home a little earlier than usual. Tomorrow I’m meeting my mom and brother for lunch somewhere, while he’s home for spring break. Also sometime in the next two days, I have a ton of stuff to design for band: concert posters, anniversary party invitations, website updates, and a possible website redesign. And I still have to finish moving out of my grandmother’s house. And I go back to work on Tuesday.

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