Gimme Your Stuff!

Gimme Your Stuff

I found this web site that helps arrange swaps between people in different countries, and everyone had such nice stories to share! It sounds really fun, so I figured I’d get in on the action.

I can offer…

  • US and regional food and candies (including things like Philadelphia pretzels and Tastykakes, though I’m not sure how well they might hold up in transit, but I can pack them well), and organic foods from places like Trader Joe’s, which I know people are looking for.
  • US books, magazines, and CDs.
  • Photos and postcards from Philadelphia, Valley Forge, King of Prussia, etc. and other regional souveniers (especially from Valley Forge).
  • US cosmetics, etc.
  • Craft supplies, or any of the handmade items I sell.
  • …And probably lots of other things you might like.

I’d like to recieve…

  • Candy and snacks
  • Magazines
  • Regional art
  • Traditional clothing (if it’s easy to send – nothing too big)

So let’s swap!

Completed Swaps:

Incomplete Swaps:

  • With Miumiu in Malaysia – sent her package two months ago, haven’t received anything from her yet, and stopped hearing from her via e-mail. (See what I sent.)

7 comments on “Gimme Your Stuff!

  1. Hi lola, im from malaysia. Are u interested for swapping? im interested to do a cat swap with u! im totally a big fanatic of cats :) if ure interested, pls email me at

    Thanks! Pls visit my blogs at


  2. Hi:

    Well, better late than never. I can indeed look for some of those hot & spicy peanuts you asked for, perhaps if you know the brand or name or shape to guide me just a little and I’ll be glad to exchange them for some of those tasty pretzels.



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