Stuff Portrait Friday – Like Yesterday’s Paper

Time for another Stuff Portrait Friday from Random and Odd. I think I went above and beyond with this one – I have two photos for each item!

My garbage can: This was a pretty boring garbage week for our kitchen trash can.

Our outside trash can is having a little bit more interesting week. GG and his dad got a sledgehammer and finally disassembled the creepy old playhouse in our backyard. So now we have all this wood we need to get rid of. Here’s our trash can, out on the curb, full of some of the smaller pieces of wood. (The rest of it, a lot of longer boards with nails sticking out of them, is sitting in a pile in front of our house with a big “FREE” sign. Does anyone need any lumber?)

My junk drawer: I have many, many junk drawers. Do I have to pick just one? I’ll pick two.

This is sort of the “household” junk drawer. It’s in the kitchen, and it’s where we keep pens and pencils, chip clips, etc. Then when I ask GG to clean his stuff off the kitchen table every week or so, he usually ends up sticking a lot of his stuff in here, like the photo envelope you see here, or sometimes his checkbook.

This one is my junk drawer. Now that I’m really examining the contents of this drawer, it seems to be all “girl stuff.” I started out keeping make-up in here, but it’s turned out to the a home for a lot of my things. (This is one of my dresser drawers, by the way.)

My trunk: I don’t really live out of my car like some people do, so I don’t accumulate a lot of stuff in there. Here you can see the empty Avon box I used to take a kitten we found in my grandmother’s yard to the rescue people. I kept it in the car because I sometimes put shopping bags and things in there so they don’t slide all over the trunk. I also have a car emergency kit (that’s the black bag) with jumper cables, flares, etc. And some cleaning wipes, in that tub. The blue box is tissues, and I also have some plastic bags – I always have a few on hand, in case someone has muddy shoes or something.

From this view, you can also see an egg carton in the back of the trunk. That’s been in there probably since my last semester of college. It has something to do with my fraternity. That’s all I can say about that.

Did you play?

11 comments on “Stuff Portrait Friday – Like Yesterday’s Paper

  1. I have a junk drawer with all girl stuff too. It’s also my top dresser drawer. It started out with just a few things…but now, it’s overflowing!

    Happy SPF!

    I played too!

  2. Your trunk is not bad at all (would only take a one minute clean up) Mine, well, we won’t go there right now. I have limited myself to only one junk drawer because otherwise it would get out of hand in my house.

    Happy SPF….I played too!

  3. Great photos! Congrats on the garabage at the curb, looks like progress :) Your trunk is very clean, actually. When I had a trunk (not cargo in back of my SUV), it was much worse. Out of sight is out of mind for me and it would get much worse than that.

    Happy SPF!

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