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D, thank you for the e-mail – it made me smile. (Well, the end of it did.) I will let you know if I’m ever heading to Ohio :o)

So, crafty update: I’ve been trying to make one thing every day, which is actually pretty easy, except everything I make has one tiny thing wrong with it – like the other day I made a beautiful little bag with a really cool exterior, it’s a dark red upholstery fabric with this pink scribble dot kind of pattern, and the interior is pink satin – but one spot on the edge has a kind of blip in the fabric. Other than that, the bag is perfect. But I would feel kind of bad selling that to someone, especially considering the professionalism of a lot of other stuff on etsy. So it’s just sitting on my desk. Luckily, I have a four-day weekend after today, and lots of good ideas, so hopefully I’ll have some stuff to show for it. That’s acceptable to sell. Haha.

Crafty advertising update: I’m going to post all my etsy store updates in my previously-unused MySpace blog, so hopefully I’ll catch some people that way. I’ve been reading the etsy message boards, but I’m almost as shy on message boards as I am in real life – I feel like I’m intruding on another group’s conversations. I’m more of a lurker. I’ll try to join in more. But it seems like the key to a successful etsy shop is advertising outside etsy, so I’m going to try to do as much of that as possible.

Visit my etsy shop!

What else do I plan to do during my time off work? I’m moving out of my grandmother’s house! Yeah, when we moved in June, I really just took what I needed, and left most of my “stuff” back at Gramom’s. And she’s been bugging me ever since to get it out of there. Um, I have a lot of stuff. So I’ll probably spend a day (or two?!) over there getting everything together. Then of course I have to figure out where to keep it all when I get it to my house. Ugh.

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