I’m a Sewing Machine!

Work today was crazy. I was so busy all day, yet I feel like I have hardly anything to show for it! Ugh, I hate that. Tomorrow, I will just buckle down and put on headphones so nobody bothers me, and get stuff done. I come in at 7:00 each morning (not because I have to, just because I like leaving before 4:00), and I’m most productive before 9 or 10:00, before everyone else comes in.

Believe it or not, though, there are several people in my department who come in before I do.

I stopped at the fabric store on my way home and picked up some cool new fabrics… I can’t wait to make more things! (Even though nobody’s buying… but that’s okay… I have fun just making stuff.) Last night when I was sewing, Katrina tried to help me by sitting on my feet while I was using the sewing machine pedal. She is so funny!

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  1. About the etsy thing…I have a few suggestions that will help you get some sales. First, post on their forums a few times a week. Why? Because most buyers are sellers! Some of my best customers have their own shop. Second, I would participate in the PIF program (you can find out about it on the forums) and that will get you some exposure. I know it means giving something away, but it is giving something away for the sake of exposure. Third, I send out a mass email every few weeks to all my friends and previous customers when I update my site with new items and have items on sale. Fourth, I post updates on the MySpace bulletin when I update my site as well. I know it sounds like a lot of work and it is, but it is all in the name of doing something I love…so that is my advice to help you sell some goods. Give it a try and see what happens! Your stuff is awesome so I know it will sell, it is just a matter of getting your name out there!

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