I’ve really got to cut it out with these monthly posts. Oh well, here’s my recap of April.

I think this month really kicked off what is going to be another busy spring/summer. GG was away for A WEEK AND A HALF* visiting his friends in Kentucky, so I was on my own for a little while. I kept myself busy, though. For example, my work friend J came with me to a sex toy party (!). That was an interesting night! The next weekend I went to a Ruby Ribbon party. My side-job director is now a Ruby Ribbon consultant, and I liked it so much, I booked my own party for May!

Also while GG was away, I had a massive cold. I was coughing and blowing stuff out of my nose that I’ve never seen before. The worst of it was over in about a week, but I am only just now getting over the cough. I stayed home from the gym for almost two weeks because I couldn’t do anything without causing a coughing fit, but I’m trying to get back on schedule.

The Saturday before Easter, GG and I went to NJ for MB’s big 30th birthday bash! I think the party she was planning for herself kind of grew out of control, but it was awesome! She rented a historic house in this pretty park, there was a catered dinner, GG and her husband and a couple other friends had formed a band and performed two sets, and everyone had a great time! Love my chicklet!

The next day, my family went out for a late Easter brunch, which was really nice. We went to a restaurant near my grandmother’s house, where we had gone for Easter a couple years ago. It’s so good, and much more affordable (and less stuff/formal) than the hotel where we used to go. Then… it turned out GG’s parents were home and making Easter dinner (we’d thought they would be away all weekend), so we headed over there afterward and ate some more!

The following week, GG and I headed down to DC for the USA Science and Engineering Festival. TMBG were performing there, which was my main draw, and originally we were going to meet up with my coworker M and his family for the day. However, he had to cancel, so I suggested to GG that he call his friend E and see if he and his wife K were around maybe to meet up for dinner. They were! So we had dinner with them on Friday and… surprise, K is pregnant! Like, seven months pregnant! We had a really nice dinner and then walked around Old Town Alexandria – luckily, the torrential rain had ended by then, it’s a really cute place. It turned out that E was volunteering at the SciFest the next day, so the following morning, GG and I got breakfast at a farmer’s market near E and K’s place, then went to their house and drove into the city with E.

The event itself was really neat, but so big it was almost overwhelming! We did end up seeing quite a lot. The booths were mostly “meh,” but some of the presentations were neat. We saw a talk about precision medicine and genomic testing/sequencing (when they opened up for audience questions, GG went first and asked if they were worried about a Gattaca-like situation). We skipped the TMBG kids’ show because, you know, kids’ show. We did try to catch Bill Nye, who came on right after TMBG’s first show, but he probably drew the biggest crowds of the day, and we were far away. He gave a neat presentation, though – including a mention of LASER BEES! Since the crowds were so crazy, we decided we should just stay put or try to move closer to the stage during the next speaker, which was Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs. I wasn’t especially interested in seeing him, but actually he gave a really funny, interesting talk about how Dirty Jobs got started, his upcoming new show (“Someone’s Gotta Do It”), and of course the benefits of learning a trade. Finally, it was time for the adult TMBG show. It was brief, but it restored my faith in TMBG’s fans! (Remember after that last show a few years ago, I thought maybe we wouldn’t be seeing them live anymore?) They performed a lot of good songs, including Spiraling Shape, and You’re On Fire, which I hadn’t seen live yet!

When we got back home, we went to check out another community band’s concert. I felt like a spy! It was good practice for my own upcoming concert… We’re in the very busy week leading up to our show…

* I have to write that in all caps every time I mention it because it was such a ridiculous amount of time.

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