My First Stitch Fix

After reading a lot about it, I decided to sign up for a Stitch Fix. At this point, I’m sure everyone and their brother has heard about this service, but just in case you aren’t familiar:

  • You sign up and fill out your personal profile to tell them about your size, budget, lifestyle, and style preferences. Even with this extensive survey, there’s some things that might not be covered, but there’s also a free text box where you can add additional info, and you can even link to a Pinterest board to show them things you like. One thing I wish they’d ask, which they don’t, is for your actual measurements. I felt like just giving my bra size and pants size didn’t allow them to fully appreciate my weird body shape.
  • You schedule a “fix.” There’s a bit of a wait – I signed up on December 3 and didn’t get this delivery until the beginning of January. You can schedule them when you like, or sign up for a monthly subscription. There is a $20 styling fee for each fix (more on this later).
  • An actual human being personal stylist chooses five pieces (clothing and accessories) for you, based on the preferences you gave in your profile, and any additional instructions you gave when scheduling your fix.
  • When your delivery comes, you have three days to try everything on in the comfort of your own home, to see how it all looks with your own clothes. I love the idea of trying things on in a natural environment, and being able to see them with stuff you already have! They also provide styling ideas for each piece if you are outfit-challenged such as myself.
  • If you decide to keep anything from your box, the $20 styling fee you already paid is credited toward your purchase. If you keep all five items, you get a 25% discount on everything (so do the math, because if you wanted four items, sometimes it works out better to keep all of them and just give away the one you didn’t like). Anything that you don’t want, you just send back in the pre-paid envelope they provide.

My goal for stitch Fix was to tell them exactly what I like, and have them pick other things that I would like but may not have chosen for myself in a store. In addition to the survey, I gave them links to a Pinterest board and my outfit blog, and I got really specific in the comments about the colors I wear or don’t wear and more about my body type. In particular, I asked for tops that would not look like a tent on me! In the message when I ordered my fix, I asked specifically for skinny pants and maybe some tunics or something. So what did they send me?

Personal note from my stylist!

Styling ideas for my pieces.

Could be promising…

Sweet Rain “Beckham Short Sleeve Hi-Lo Blouse” – $28
Way too tight across my chest. Also, having been checking out other people’s boxes, Stitch Fix seems to send a lot of tab-sleeved tops, which I’m not super crazy about (they get lumpy under cardigans). Also, there was some tent action going on (probably would have been tentier if it were sized up to fit me). Return.

Fun2Fun “Ballenger Printed Sleeveless Henley Blouse” – $48
This was not only blousy and tent-like in the front, but somehow also in the back! And the pattern was kind of horrendous. There were 3-4 buttons at the neck, but the neckline overall came up way too high. Return.

Tart “Egan Layered Cross-Front Short Sleeve Top” – $68
$70 is a little expensive for a shirt I couldn’t even figure out how to put on the first time. I liked the pattern (even though I wish the tan dots were any other color, since I’ve pretty much cut tan and brown out of my wardrobe). The look was unique, but if the last one was a tent, this is a drawstring trash bag. And I just realized you can see my bra through the arm hole. Return.

Angie “Vivienne Printed Tie-Neck Tunic” – $38
I will make a confession: I saw my list of items before I received it. I went on the Stitch Fix site to update my credit card information, and didn’t realize that once your order had shipped, that would be the first thing you saw when you visited the site. So I tried to look up some of the pieces in advance, with limited success. This shirt, however, seems to be mentioned a lot in Stitch Fix reviews and is pretty well hated, so maybe they should take it out of their repertoire? The pattern kind of hurts my eyes, it comes down to my knees (I understand that it’s a tunic, but that’s kind of redonk), the tie neck is pretty horrible, and once again, it looks like I’m wearing a tent. Return.

Just Black “Adora Skinny Jean” – $88
When I asked for this Fix to contain “skinny pants,” I guess what I really should have said was “black pants that are skinny but appropriate enough that I could potentially wear to work with boots.” These were an Army green color, so I already knew I wasn’t going to keep them, but I tried them on anyway. They fit perfectly, except they were several inches too long. (Weirdly, as pants are almost never too long for me, but are sometimes too short.) Too bad! If they were black or gray, I might have dealt with the length, but that was just too many strikes against them. Return.

(Please excuse my disheveled appearance in the above pictures – I’d just gotten home from a very long day out.) It was a good effort, but not quite there from Stitch Fix. However, I know that the first box is often disappointing, and if you leave good feedback and give them another try, the stylists will improve their selections for you. So I’m hoping that’s the case, and I plan to give them another shot. All the clothes were really good quality, and the one thing that fit (the pants) fit very well (except the length). Again, I wish they would have asked for a little more specific information as far as actual body size, as I think this could have solved some of the fit issues. I may update my profile on the site with my actual measurements, though I’m not sure they have those details on the clothes they’re selecting, either.

The return process was really easy, by the way: I just went on the site, told them what I was (or in my case, wasn’t) keeping, and provided feedback on each piece. Since I want them to get better, I tried to be as detailed as I could about what I did and didn’t like. Then you just check out. If you were keeping anything, you’d be charged at this time and receive a receipt via e-mail. Everything I’m sending back goes in the provided, postage-paid bag, and I can drop it in the mailbox.

I wrote this review as a customer, nothing was provided to me by Stitch Fix or anyone else. However, the links above do use my referral ID, and if you choose to give the site a try, I’d love if you use my referral link!

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