Yesterday GG and I went to Ikea… Oh how I’ve missed that store. When we first moved in together, it seemed like we were going there every couple of weeks. Now we pretty much have everything we need. Sigh. Anyway, we went so I could get a sewing table. I meant to do this, oh, about six months ago, but I’m lazy. I actually went to a sewing machine store one day to check out their tables, and they were crazy expensive! But the woman there told me that a lot of their customers just got tables from Ikea, where they have table tops and legs that you can match up yourself. So I got a table that’s just the right size and matches my desk and other furniture. I was so excited, I sewed up a couple things last night.

Today at work I had a bunch of boring, tedious stuff to do, so of course I grabbed my MP3 player to entertain myself while I worked. I turned it on and… it froze! I’d read about this happening with some of the Creative products. None of the buttons were working, not even the on/off switch, so I couldn’t even turn it off. I knew I had to take the battery out, but the back cover is so smooth, I couldn’t get it off, so the player just sat there on all afternoon. Eventually I did get the battery cover off, and when I got home I looked up what to do if it freezes, did the first and least-involved option, and it seems to be working okay now. But if this continues… I will be very ticked.

Margarita Monday tonight!

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