“Dance with me, darling, we haven’t danced since I don’t know when”

After eight years with this blog (and possibly longer than that), I could not let a month go by without blogging at all. I blame social media on my blogging laziness – it’s so much easier to jot down a tweet, snap a photo on Instagram, or post something on Facebook, than to write up an actual blog post. I’m sure that’s the case for most of my old blogger friends. I’m friends with many of them on Facebook or other social media at this point, but they pretty much never actually blog anymore. Oh well, I will try to keep things going. In the last month, I…

  • Went to see GG perform in a musical about pot, produced and performed by a bunch of potheads, that was part of the Philly Fringe Festival. (You know it’s bad when GG is the responsible one in the group who’s trying to keep everyone on track!)
  • Also went to see Bat Boy: The Musical as part of Philly Fringe. I’ve seen the show several times now (including the original cast in NYC), and this was probably my favorite production of it. We’d planned to get a nice dinner first but due to traffic, we had almost no time before the show, so we grabbed a couple burgers at Shake Shack and wolfed them down in time to get to the theater.
  • Did a couple events for my side job. They were successful, but in general things seem to have slowed down quite a bit.
  • Celebrated my birthday by going out with my friends at work for a free Red Robin burger at lunch, and then with GG for a surprise dinner at Amada!
  • Spent a nice Saturday with MB and A and my favorite baby. We all went to a historic house for Museum Day, then got lunch at one of their favorite pizza places, then hung out while GG and A played guitar, and had dinner.
  • Took Yellow Belt training at work and will soon (finally!) be YB certified!
  • Started meeting weekly with a trainer with GG. Not that we’re totally inactive, but neither of us is really athletic and we don’t specifically “work out,” so it’s a change for us. In between sessions, we’re trying to go for walks and do some of the exercises he’s showing us on our own.

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