“I know that I’m in danger when I think about it, let’s think about it”

It’s been a busy end of summer!

  • Finished my summer concert series.
  • Thought my dishwasher was broken but really there was just a part stuck so it wasn’t filling with water (the guy didn’t even charge me to un-stick it).
  • Flew on an airplane for the first time since 2000, and flew by myself for the first time ever.
  • Spent three days at an awesome conference… The best part was networking and meeting other people, and luckily the place was so overcrowded that I could meet people everywhere! A lot of people seemed to stick together in groups but I spent a whole day pretty much on my own because I got separated from the other girls I was with, and it was actually so great to be free to meet other people! Came home totally inspired and ready to get to work!

    Photos cannot express how huge and crowded this event was.
  • But… We decided to leave a day earlier than planned and drive through the night, so my first day home was spent sleeping!
  • Had some great parties and built my team (I will promote to the next title this month)!
  • Developed a bit of an obsession with nail stamping. I’ve started a blog to document my creations, but not really sharing it because while the nails look great, my cuticles are always such a mess, nobody wants to see that…
  • After catching them on the Late Late Show, we went to see the Bad Rabbits perform… If nothing else, this taught me that I should not be trying to stay out past 10 PM. I was bad at it at 21, and I’m definitely worse at 31!

  • My department moved to a new building at work; I’d spent 8 years of sitting on the same building/floor (minus a couple months when I was exiled after our merger). It’s all on the same campus, but the vibe in our new location is very different; it’s an adjustment for all of us. The first week we were here, I suggested we have an hour where nobody complained about the new location. It worked in that there were no complaints, but basically nobody said anything for an hour :o)
  • Got through yet another regulatory inspection at work (the European version of the one we had in May/June), but not without panicked weekend report-running.
  • Took GG out for a nice dinner to celebrate his birthday. Of course, he guessed where we were going well in advance, and I wanted to keep it a surprise, so I blindfolded him and drove him around for 45 minutes before we got to the Capital Grille, which is more like 5 minutes from our house. He was totally confused, excellent :o)

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