“Big hand’s on one-twenty, little hand’s on E”

Since I last wrote…

  • Band concert season got underway.
  • Party season got underway.
  • A big audit and the dates of our next regulatory inspection at work were announced… watch for me to go crazy in about a month.
  • The class I was going to take for work was cancelled, so watch for me to go less crazy in 2 weeks.
  • I made an 800 mile round trip drive by myself for a long weekend. It was a really fun trip, I had a good time with my friends, ate a lot of good food, but I am mostly proud of myself for getting there and back safely!
  • Went to a joint family b-day dinner; I think my family wins for coolness.
  • Today GG and I are going on a Chocolate Tour, so watch for an update soon (provided I can still walk and type afterward)!

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