“You must’ve got one of them combustible heads”

I couldn’t let a full month go by without an update, that would be redonkulous. The thing is, most of the people I care about who read this blog (or used to read it), I’m friends with on Facebook, or at least Twitter, and that’s how we keep up with each others’ lives now. It’s kind of the lazy way out, but it’s much easier to dash off a tweet than to compose a whole blog post.

Awesome things I’ve done lately:

  • Went to a wedding for people I’d never met before
  • More parties!
  • Hosted an open house (besides the other girls doing it with me, guests were my mom, grandmom, and a friend from band – but we all had fun!)
  • Watched The Office series finale (ok, that one is not awesome … it was very good though – I cried watching it, then watched again and cried again)
  • Watched the SNL finale (may have also cried at Stefon’s wedding)
  • Saw my chicklet and her chicklet for their birthdays (thank you, MB, for having your child so conveniently close to your own birthday)
  • Became BFFs with this little girl on Bring Your Kid to Work Day after I showed her how to photocopy her hand in an attempt to keep her quiet in the office

  • Played in a semi-Mexican themed band concert riddled with cringe-inducing unintentional cultural insensitivities and many awkward moments

  • Had the very unique and special opportunity to test drive a Tesla!

  • Took my grandmom to see The Great Gatsby, after explaining that rap music today is like jazz was in the 20s (My review: if you are a Baz Luhrmann fan, you will love it. The story was pretty much tailor-made for him to tell anyway – for example, Luhrmann uses a billboard in his films [L’Amour in both Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge, I believe], and in Gatsby he uses the Dr. T.J. Eckelburg billboard. I think the music was also very tastefully done, as with Moulin Rouge and R+J, it just made it easier for a modern audience to relate to the period piece, by using familiar music. And it’s not all Jay-Z. I loved the use of Rhapsody in Blue, that whole sequence was perfect.)
  • Spent a long weekend as an ice cream widow, to be followed by a week of craziness at work… and then besides a day here or there, I really have zero free time until August!
  • As usually happens over Memorial Day weekend, immersed myself in a new band or TV show – this year it was Arrested Development (and now I’m ticked I don’t have Netflix so can’t watch the new season)

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