April Updates

What have I been doing for the past month?

  • GG planned an awesome dinner for us at Garces Trading Company. He said it was to thank me for doing our taxes and taking care of him while he was sick with the flu, which is very sweet of him, but I think really we both just wanted an excuse to go there again :o) Of course we started with a cheese plate, and GG asked for one cheese in particular to be included, which they forgot (it’s usually just the chef’s selection), so later the waiter brought out a whole plate of just this one cheese for us! It was good, but… that was a lot of cheese! So thoughtful of them, though! We shared a Roasted Baby Beet salad, but it was mostly mine, and it was amazing. Then we each got one of their flatbreads, and for dessert we had Smoked Chocolate Torte with Salted Carmel.
  • We went to Washington, DC for a birthday party the Saturday night before Easter. It was at a very neat bar that rents out board games and doesn’t serve any food, but you can bring in your own food, so they had the party catered. They also had an amazing game-themed cake! The best part was getting to meet all of my friend’s friends, who I’ve heard a lot about and had seen on Facebook. They were all very smart and funny, as I’d imagined. And I got to play Mr. Bacon’s Big Adventure. Coming home on Sunday morning, GG’s tire slowly exploded, which was not cool, but he ended up getting two new tires, so it’s all good. Things could have been a lot worse.
  • Right after getting home from DC, I turned around and left for a 3-day business trip to CT. I drove up with two co-workers, had one day at the office up there, packed with meetings, and then we had a whole departmental meeting for a full day before heading back home. It was great to see everyone – I wish we had the opportunity more often.
  • The day I came home, GG had left for Kentucky, to visit friends. He was gone for five days, and had a great time. If my big work meeting weren’t that same week, I probably would have gone with him, but it was probably for the best because I’m not really interested in all the distillery tours…
  • I went to a party hosted by one of my oldest friends from elementary school. We see each other about once a year now. I got to meet her best friend from college, and this girl and I wore pretty much the exact same outfit! Coincidence? Haha!
  • I don’t know if it was because of the cheese class we took, or if that was just the next stepping stone in my cheese addiction, but I’m seeing and recognizing more cheeses, and realizing that I know stuff about them. We spot different cheeses we recognize while we’re out and about; I’ve been recording this show Cheese Chasers, and sometimes he talks about things I already know about different cheeses and how they’re made; and last week a co-worker told me about this cheese with a funny name, and when I looked it up I realized that I was familiar with another cheese that’s made by this one particular farm. I also ordered a cheesemaking kit (which, as I was told, is like an alcoholic opening their own distillery – but I decided I really just enjoy eating cheese, I don’t need to do the work of producing it).
  • It got really warm! And then it rained a lot. And then it got cold. But today was nice.
  • Today, GG and I took the train in to Philly for the Philly Farm & Food Fest. It was way more crowded than I’d expected. We went through the big exhibit hall, looking at booths and trying food samples. Then we went to the one workshop we were interested in, given by Josh Lawler of The Farm and Fisherman. The restaurant is known for its Bloody Beet Steak, and his recipe that was printed in the show’s program even involved beets, so I figured it would be a beet thing. Nope! He taught us how to butcher a lamb! We ducked out a little early so we could instead get dinner at the Reading Terminal Market before catching the train home.
  • How am I doing on my 2013 goals? Well, I am exactly right on track with book reading – but I will need to finish one book every 2 weeks from now through the end of the year to keep up. It’s not that I’m a bad reader, but a lot of times it takes me a while to get into a story, so I sit on it for a while. If I just powered through it, I’d be able to fit a lot more books into my schedule. I just finished Gone Girl, which was recommended by someone I work with because I think she wanted someone to discuss it with! As far as the other goals … Well this is my first (and likely last) blog post for April, and don’t ask me about the “just because” cards.

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