I am really enjoying my week off.

Good things:

  • Made two hats yesterday, both of which are now listed on etsy (unless someone bought one?).
  • Talked to TJ for a while last night – maybe one of these days I’ll get to see him again!
  • Met GG for lunch today at Isaac’s.
  • Bought Sacha one of these, and it seems to actually be keeping him entertained for an extended period of time.
  • Lots of fleece items on sale at Old Navy! I got several fleecy things this afternoon.
  • My brother’s coming over today to meet the kitten.
  • Going to Jess’ for dinner and then going to some smoke-free bar in Wayne tonight – GG, too!
  • I’m really redoing LolaGeek.com, for real. There won’t be a link from the home page to this blog, so if you like reading this, just remember that the link is http://lolablog.lolageek.com.

One comment on “I am really enjoying my week off.

  1. Cute hats! We bought a Purr Pad for Burt and he has done nothing but lay on it for the last two weeks. It is better than a toy because he doesn’t make noise…he just sleeps and lays on it all day long.

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