Yay Christmas

Christmas went so well! I got up a while before GG, and when he woke up, we opened gifts in bed. (We never set up a tree this year, because Sacha would have destroyed it, and he asked a few days ago where we would open presents, and I said we might as well do it in bed, since all our presents were upstairs anyway… so that’s what we did!) He got me the CD I had asked for, and some fun DVDs. I know he was very excited about the gifts I’d gotten him, and that’s what makes me happiest – when people enjoy their gifts.

We went to my grandmother’s house around 10 AM – everyone met there for breakfast, since we pretty much all had somewhere to go later in the day. It was really nice. I brought a big tray of fruit salad (it had blueberries, grapes, strawberries, oranges, and banana, with that cream cheese fruit dipping sauce on the side), and between everyone else we had potatoes, bacon, eggs, monkey bread, and I think something else? And we had mimosas and spiced cider. After breakfast, we did presents. My mom got me an awesome new purse (I wore it out today!), my brother gave me a nice cookbook, Gramom gave cash (always appreciated!), and also I somehow ended up with two bottles of Bailey’s. I gave a couple Etsy gifts to my mom and grandmother, which I think they appreciated. I made hats for my uncle and cousin, and they were very impressed that I knitted them! And my brother loved the book I got him.

Around 2 PM, we headed to GG’s parents’ house for still more gifts! And dinner. As I correctly predicted, they were still pretty much opening presents by the time got there. They go gift crazy at Christmas. We came away with some pretty nice things – more liquor, and GG’s grandmother gave us a bird feeder and a pole to hang it from, which attaches to the side of the deck. Wait until the kitties find out about this… Also, this crazy pink and orange frying pan, and these fuzzy socks I was actually eyeing a few weeks ago. We ate some snacks as GG’s mom got started making dinner. We sat down to eat right at halftime of the big Eagles/Cowboys game. Of course, they had the radio on, and as soon as the game started up again, everyone was running into the living room to watch. We went home shortly after the game ended (E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles! And I don’t even like football!). Overall, a really really good day.

Today I thought my mom and I were going out shopping, but then she slept in and flaked out on me. Also, she was worried about crowds. So I went out by myself. No crowds, and I got some really good deals. And, I finally got around to making living room curtains!

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