GG’s Family Christmas Event

Yesterday GG and I went out to Carlisle with his dad for a family Christmas get-together at his aunt and uncle’s house. I know they have this event every year, but I’ve never been. But, I figured since we’re married now, I might as well meet this side of his family. Honestly, after only hearing about these people for the past four and a half years, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But everyone was actually really (mostly) nice.

Of course, the big joke of the day, just like any time GG and I are with people who knew him pre-me, was how on earth can I stand him, I must be so tolerant, he’s so crazy, etc. Yes, okay, GG is incredibly unique and creative and often doesn’t understand how to behave in public situations. I get it. I have known this for several years now. Please just get over it everybody. Seriously, the thing I can’t stand isn’t GG and his insanity, it’s when people act like I’m doing a giant favor by being with him. I love him!!

Anyway, I’m glad I got to meet most of his dad’s side of the family. His usual family unit consists of GG and his brother, their parents, his maternal grandmother, and his uncle. Nice and small, just like my family. So I often kind of forget that there is this whole other side of the family.

By the way, I’d never been to Carlisle before, though a friend of mine did go to Dickinson College. That town is so cute! If it weren’t so far away from the rest of the world, I would totally live there. The neighborhoods are adorable, with nice houses, and even the “downtown” area is in great condition. Very nice little town. GG’s great-grandparents owned a ribbon mill in town (which we drove past on our way home), which is how they ended up in that area, though most of the family is based in Bristol.

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