Stuff Portrait Friday

For the first time ever, I’m participating in Stuff Portrait Friday, run by Random and Odd. The way it works is, she posts three items to take pictures of, and on Friday everyone puts the pictures on their blogs and visits each other and they’re all happy internet friends. The end. So here’s this week’s items.

My favorite pair of jeans: I have three pairs of jeans that are supposedly all the same size and style, yet they all look and fit completely differently. This pair is my favorite – I think they’re the most comfortable and flattering.

Freckles and birthmarks: I have a lot of freckles and moles everywhere, but especially on my neck. My great-grandfather, grandmother, and mother all had/have moley necks too, so obvisouly it runs in the family. It seems like every time I look I have another freckle somewhere!

My photo album: I used to keep photo albums, in high school – I had a different one for every event. But now that I have a digital camera, I keep everything on the computer and/or internet. That’s Windows Explorer showing my “Photos” folder on the left, and part of my flickr page on the right. (I would have many, many more pictures, but my computer from college died a few years ago and all the files on it are irretrievable. That’ll teach me to back everything up.)

12 comments on “Stuff Portrait Friday

  1. Good first SPF!!! I love the digital photo album. That is how I’m doing more and more of mine, too.

    And, I have to say that your neck freckles are just a big invite for someone to swoop in there and give you little nibble kisses all down your neck to your collarbone. That is my FAVORITE part to kiss and be kissed on … you little vixen, you!!!!

    Welcome to the SPF world. You’ll be addicted.

  2. Hey Lola, welcome to SPF!

    I think it’s odd that the ‘same’ pair of jeans can fit so differently. Damn manufacturers.

    And your moles are so cool. I really like how they seem to be in a pattern. I just have them everwhere. Not quite the same, is it?

  3. Great pictures… I just started playing a couple of weeks ago too, so I still feel like a newbie. Everyone has been very warm and welcoming here, I love it already :)

    Happy SPF!

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