We went to see Apocalypto today. I’d been looking forward to it ever since I heard about it because I’ve always been really interested in Mayan culture. I’d heard several theories as to what the plot would be, but it turned out that none of them was really correct. And actually, I was slightly disappointed. The movie had a lot of really visually stunning scenes, plus a kitten (!), but the story was basically just a giant chase. Besides the many historical inaccuracies, there were other things I just couldn’t believe – like, if there were a giant city with pyramids and all that about a day’s journey from Jaguar Paw’s home, you’d think they would have at least heard about it. So yeah, it was an impressive looking movie, but a little bit of a let-down.

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  1. Aww shoot, I heard it was pretty good. But since I have an interest in the Mayan culture too I might be annoyed by the innacuracies like you were too. thanks for the heads up on that!

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