Catching Up

Okay, it’s been over a week, I’d better update this puppy.

Wednesday: The second day of training was not good. Our teacher ended up getting all hung up on people’s little questions and problems, and we barely got through the whole course. We stayed almost two hours late and rushed to finish everything. One woman in class was from Manhattan and she had to drive home that night, and two of the other women followed her to New York and went out to dinner with her and saw all the sights. I just went to Chili’s for dinner with one of the other ladies, who was staying at my hotel.

Thursday: I was really looking forward to this last day of class because it was a little more advanced topic, and also there were a couple less people in class. Nope, this was probably the worst class day yet. The teacher basically just listed every option in every menu, and never really explained what anything meant – it reminded me of some of my computer art classes in college. I had made plans to meet MB for dinner that night, thinking it would be another late class, but we actually finished way early, so I and another girl from class went to a couple shopping centers to kill some time. MB actually ended up having to drive like an hour to meet me, so I feel kind of bad about that, but I guess I didn’t initially realize how far she is from Cherry Hill. We had a really nice dinner and a good long talk during and afterwards. I hadn’t seen her or even really talked much since her wedding! We left around 9:15 or 9:30, and when we walked outside it was snowing! Luckily, I had pretty easy directions to get home (way easier than getting out there, for sure!), but boy, driving over the Walt Whitman Bridge the wind was blowing so hard I thought I might blow over the side! Once I got back to Philadelphia, the snow had pretty much stopped. I guess I got home around 11, unpacked, and went to bed.

Friday: I took the day off work, and I think I did do a couple errands, but mostly I just hung out and relaxed. Which is fine – I had a hard week!

Saturday, Sunday: I forget what a did! This is bad! I think GG and I did some things, but I don’t know what. Errands? I know at some point we went to Trader Joe’s…

This Week: The week went by pretty quickly, I think. Wednesday was our big department year-end meeting and holiday party, and it actually was a really nice party. They ordered a big assortment of sandwiches, and then everyone brought it some other stuff to share (salads, snacks, desserts, etc.). I brought a veggie tray, but I also made some more mint chocolate chip cookies, so I brought those along too. The rest of the day, I had those cookies sitting at my desk, and people I’d never even spoken to before came by and said, “I heard you had some really good cookies over here!” Wow, people love those things. (Except GG. He just wants me to make regular chocolate chip. But what’s the point of that?)

Wednesday night was also our concert at the Exton Mall. It was really nice, and there was a pretty good crowd. The funniest moment was before we started, a bunch of people were watching from the second floor, and during a quiet momet while we were warming up somebody yelled, “Yeah oboes!” or something. It was crazy! We all cracked up, and our director asked the oboe player if he’d payed that guy.

Last night I went out to get some Christmas presents and look for something to entertain Sacha, because he’s driving me totally crazy, basically chewing on anything he can get his mouth around. He’s so naughty! If I throw a toy to distract him, he’ll play with it for a minute, but then give up and go back to cables behind the computer or whatever else he likes. He’s actually unplugged our phone line from the jack several times now! So I thought he’d like some kind of toy that you can put a treat inside of, and they have to work and play with it to get it out. I know such a thing must exist for cats, but I couldn’t find one. I did get him some other little wobble toy that he likes (he was even carrying it around in his mouth last night!), so that was good. And I saw Mary, the volunteer who fostered Ivan and Katrina before I took them! She was asking how they were, and I told her all about their new little brother. Especially with Ivan, she was very surprised to hear how well they were all getting along!

Soooo, now it’s Friday, I have a custom hat to finish knitting tonight, some presents to wrap and a couple more to pick up tomorrow. (Unfortunately, they involve going to the mall, which I had promised myself I would steer clear of until January… but, my mom asked for a Sephora gift certificate, what can I do? I hope if I go really really early on Saturday morning it won’t be so bad.) On Sunday, GG and I are going with his dad and uncle to some family holiday event in central PA. Besides his (maternal) grandmother and uncle, I haven’t really met any of his other family, so this should be interesting…

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