Year In Review

I’m doing this dumb thing where you post the first sentence of your first post of each month of the past year. Does this give you any idea at all of what I’ve been doing for the past twelve months? I’ll write about the rest of my business trip soon. Enjoy.

January (from my old blog)
I found our dining room set online, it’s this one.

After spending all day messing with all these WordPad files and templates and whatnot, I figured that, since it’s now tomorrow, I should probably create a post.

Yesterday’s class was actually pretty good. I now don’t hate TeamSite so much.

After all the stress, and all the work, our party today went great!

I think our cat boy is sick.

I got ready for work this morning, went outside, got in the car, turned the key, and… nothing.

So… apparently my web server crashed a couple days ago and they had to restore everything from their most recent backup, which was about two weeks ago, which means that I’ve lost the last week and a half of blog entries because who backs up their blog locally?

Yes, time for the much-anticipated vacation recap!

As you may have noticed, the site was down again for the past few days.

I know, I need to write about Williamsburg still.

I was so excited for Halloween, and then when it actually happened, I wasn’t into it at all.

The way I’m preparing for this big business trip (to New Jersey), you’d think I was about to spend a month in China or something.

4 comments on “Year In Review

  1. good luck in Exton tomorrow,(If you’re home). I hate doing mall concerts.
    The Marple band had it’s Winter concert it was fun but kinda a comedy of errors, (of course, I contributed my fair share, as usual). They want us to come back and stay with them, but, although, it’s a little closer and the people are real nice, Monday rehearsals are tough for us. Actually any night.
    Thanks for letting me keep up with your blogs and have a great Christmas.

  2. Thanks for the Christmas card. It’s awesome!

    We’ll be sending ours in mid-January with our cute magnets for the wedding. =) Less postage that way. yay

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