Training Day 1

I left home last night after Heroes. GG gave me some last-minute advice about getting to the Ben Franklin Bridge. For some reason, my directions said to take the 6th Street exit, but there’s no such exit – it just says Ben Franklin Bridge on the sign. That was the easy part, though, compared to navigating New Jersey! I did make it to the hotel just fine, and checked in around 11 PM.

I could not sleep. It was cold, there were weird noises, I was worried about finding my class in the morning, I couldn’t stop coughing, and I missed snuggling with GG. Also, I’d had a coffee drink before I left. I dozed here and there, and got up a little before my alarm went off. I’m in a handicap-accessable room, so the bathroom is huge but laid out really awkwardly. I got some complimentary breakfast, hung out in my room a little bit, then headed to class.

It turns out that they usually do hold the class at the company office (a 1/2 block walk from my hotel – I saw it this morning when I went to my car), but because so many people signed up for the last class of the year, they had to move to someplace bigger. So I do have to drive, but it isn’t a bad drive. The place is pretty cool, very modern – they have a beautiful lounge and internet cafe, a conference room where we had lunch, and the classroom is filled with upholstered chairs with little table arms, cup holders, and cubbies underneath.

The class got off to a slow start, mostly due to technical difficulties – as is usually the case in classes like this. We were all looking forward to the lunch that was provided for us… well, it turned out to be a couple wrap sandwiches cut into thirds, a small bowl of salad, and a small bowl of chips. We all had a little, and nobody really said anything, but I was starving for the rest of the day.

After we were done for the day, a few of us were comparing directions back to the hotel. As we were walking out of the building, someone said asked if we all wanted to get dinner. So I ate at the Macaroni Grill with four other women. One was from Wisconsin, one was from Manhattan, one was from Chicago, and one was from Los Angeles. So it was very interesting to compare lives. We also confirmed that we were all disappointed by our minimal lunch (especially considering how much we’re paying to be in this class!) The Chicago lady was staying in my hotel, and she doesn’t have a car here (because of course she was expecting to be able to walk to class), so I drove her back to the hotel and I’ll give her a ride to class tomorrow.

It’s too early for bed, so I’m just hanging out in my room for the rest of the night, reading, watching TV, and playing on the computer (obviously).

Based on previous experience, I predict that due to today’s slow start and constant questions, we’ll have to speed through tomorrow’s lessons to finish the entire course on time. Most of us are staying for the third day, but that’s actually a second class. During some of my down-time today, I e-mailed MB, since she lives in New Jersey, to see if she wanted to get together for dinner on Thursday. She does! So I’ll finally get to see her for the first time since her wedding! And then I’ll go home!

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  1. this is going to sound totally silly, but I have found something to help me sleep that is not a sleeping pill, but it works and doesn’t leave you groggy the next morning like anthistamines.

    I work in printing and in the pressroom we use these little foam ear plugs that you squish between your fingers and push into your ear. I sleep like a baby when I use them.

    Every little sound at home wakes me up. Sometimes other people in the house may be sleeping noisily or it may be the sound of little critters in the walls eating our wiring and frame, etc. Anyhow, if you’re not paranoid you’re going to miss something important. Try it if sounds keep you awake.

    You can still hear with them in, but everything is muffled and you only hear loud things well.

    You may want to try a course of antihistamines for the coughing and voice thing. If you have a constant cough that is deep in your bronchial passages but produces little mucus, then it is post nasal drip going down the throat and settling in your bronchial passages and irritating your vocal chords. That is, if you’re not producing a lot of phlegm and cold yuckies, you may be having an allergy attack, even if you don’t have seasonal allergies.

  2. Oh, I definitely have the post nasal drip. I can feel it dripping. Luckily, we make Dristan, so I’ll be popping those.

    About the earplugs: I know GG has done that sometimes, but I don’t trust myself to hear my alarm clock. I’m usually awesome at sleeping, but I think the problem that night was really just that I was nervous about finding my class the next day. Luckily, it turned out to not be so hard to navigate around there.

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