Bloody Bloody Abraham Lincoln and Beet Steaks

On Friday night, GG and I decided to try something new, and went to the Movie Tavern for dinner and movie. The food was maybe a little expensive, but the tickets were regular theater prices. So you’re really just paying for the convenience of being able to eat a full meal while watching a movie. You get there a little early and order your food before the show starts, so you’re pretty much finished by the time the movie is really on. And the waitstaff is very unobtrusive. They come around about halfway through to bring your check, unless you call them (there is a button at your seat). My only complaint is that he came back right in the middle of a particularly intense fight scene and I missed seeing exactly how it ended and they got out of that situation!

Oh, so the movie we saw was Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. It’s been getting bad reviews, but I loved it! It’s got horror, action, and history! I know it’s based on a book, and I really liked the way they wove the vampire hunter story into Lincoln’s life story, the Civil War, etc. The special effects are also really great. (Funny part: there is one part where they show the bombing of Fort Sumter and GG and I both looked at each other and were like, “We were just there!”) I really keep wanting to call this film “Bloody Bloody Abraham Lincoln,” though, since Benjamin Walker, who played Lincoln, also had the title role in BBAJ, which you might remember we have seen twice in NYC. (We actually listened to the BBAJ soundtrack on the way home from the theater…)

On Saturday, GG came with me to my acupuncture appointment (but did not watch!), and then we went to the farmers marketm where we got cheese, some fruit, fresh guacamole made in a big bowl right there, and awesome cupcakes. Later, our friend A came out to play guitar with GG. They had just gotten started when my brother called – he’d been in town for a concert the night before and had to leave wherever he’d spent the night, so could he and his friend come over and take showers at our place? Sure! After everyone was cleaned up, GG and A decided to take a break and the five of us went out for lunch. Then I took care of a few things at home before going out for my concert that night. It was very very hot, but luckily cooled down (and there was even a breeze!) as the evening progressed. I’ve been in worse concert situations. We did make a few mistakes, but I don’t think the audience noticed; and this was our first public concert of the summer, so hopefully that won’t happen again.

I did my usual weekend errands and chores on Sunday. Then GG and I went out to dinner to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our first date! GG just searched online for restaurants in Philadelphia that serve beets, and found The Farm and Fisherman, which is known for this “Bloody Beet Steak.” So of course I had that, and it was fabulous! I’ll have to try to make it at home! GG had scallops with pork jowl, which was good, but there were only two scallops on the plate. For dinner, I had the chicken and he had bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin. Then for dessert, I had a panna cotta with some fruit, and he had a chocolate Napoleon with layers of salted phyllo dough. It was a very good dinner! But mostly, I was impressed with him being so sweet and thoughtful – he always takes me places he knows I will enjoy!

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