Business Trip Planning

The way I’m preparing for this big business trip (to New Jersey), you’d think I was about to spend a month in China or something. I was printing out directions to my hotel this morning, when I realized – although the hotel is half a block from the offices of the software company, the training is being held in a different town. They just sent those details the other day – long after I had booked the hotel. So I was looking forward to just walking from the hotel to the class every day, but it looks like I’m going to have a short drive (6 minutes, according to Google maps). Ugh. I’m pretty ticked about this, because I know that there are hotels closer to where the training is, rather than their office. Oh well. Anyway, I’m sure the class will be interesting, and I do get a three night stay at a hotel courtesy of my company, so it’s all cool. And I’ll be home Thursday night and I took Friday off!

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