The Ice Storm of ’06?!

Yesterday’s class was actually pretty good. I now don’t hate TeamSite so much. In fact, I’m rather impressed with what it can do. Instead, I’m annoyed with the web developers who set up the new sites I’ve been working with within TeamSite – they seem to not have taken into consideration exactly what the sites were for or how they will be used. If I could get my way, I would have them re-do everything… of course, it’s taken several months to get to this point, so maybe things should just be left as they are.

The class and instructor were actually really good, though. To spice things up, he brought in little prizes for answering questions correctly – some gift cards to a coffee shop, and, as the last prize of the day, a box of Lindt truffles. I won one of the gift cards. Towards the end of the day, everyone was getting really competitive about who was going to win the truffles. I didn’t even want to win them, especially since I’d already won something, but nobody was answering that last question, so I finally chimed in, and got the truffles. I shared them with everyone, though – there was no way I could have taken that box home, knowing everyone had been eying them all day. Luckily there were more than enough for everyone.

I’m home from work today because we were supposed to have a snow/ice/sleet storm, although it’s just looking pretty rainy. We’re still under a winter storm advisory until 7:00 tonight, though, so who knows. GG also stayed home from work, citing the icy conditions. A little bit ago, he was like, “I called out for rain?!” But the weather report said to avoid driving if you could! We’re just following directions! There’s supposed to be a half-inch of ice on the ground!

Though I’m not officially “working from home” (I took a personal day), I still have been doing some work because there was something I promised to have done today, and it does really need to get done. But this way if I’m not working all day I won’t feel guilty. Katrina has been helping me as I sit here on the bed with my laptop. And by “helping,” I mean “walking all over.” I don’t know what it is about the computer, but whenever I’m working at home, she is such a snuggler!

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