eShakti Service and Product Review

Well, here is yet another review of eShakti by a blogger, though it’s probably not what they had in mind. If you were not aware, eShakti is an India-based clothing company that offers the option to customize almost everything they sell, either by creating pieces to your personal measurements, or by customizing things like sleeve length, skirt length, or neckline. Sounds like a great idea, right? They seem to have offered every female blogger on the internet a free item of clothing to review, and all the reviews are glowing. But if you just search a little deeper, you’ll see that non-compensated reviews are quite negative, complaining about the experience and the quality of clothing, and there are also quite a few BBB reports on them. So I always read those compensated reviews with a skeptical eye.

So imagine my surprise when “Jennifer” from eShakti e-mailed to offer me the opportunity to select a free item of clothing to review! They must have finally come to the end of the internet! I wrote back the next day to accept the offer and see what information they would need from me and how this would work. She said that I could select any item from the site, and could try the custom sizing if I wanted. I deliberated for a couple days, trying to decide what item to choose that I would actually wear, that I could also take advantage of the custom sizing, so I was looking for some kind of button-down shirt or something (I always have a problem with those, hmm). In the end, I ended up writing back four days after I received that initial e-mail, with all my measurements for a custom jacket.

The next day, the jacket was gone from the web site. That seems to be a common problem – items appear and disappear from the site all the time. I understand that if they just have small quantities or are creating custom items, they may not have a ton of stock, but it would be nice to get some warning (e.g. posting on the item’s page when there are only 5-10 left, or leaving the item posted for a time with a “sold out” note, rather than having it just mysteriously disappear).

Since then, I received no communication from Jennifer, even though I followed up again with an e-mail a week later, asking if I should select a different item. I still hadn’t provided my address, so you’d think they would have at least wanted that piece of information.

Meanwhile, I created an account on the site and placed my own order. Per the web site, orders are shipped the morning of the fourth business day after they are placed (even custom orders), and received within seven to ten days. Though I did get an e-mail after a few days from “Gina” advising me that my credit card had been charged, looking at my account on the web site, the status was “Processing at ESHAKTI,” as of the evening of business day seven. What does that mean? Has it shipped yet? Have my custom items even been produced? Finally, the morning of business day eight, I received a notification that my order was shipping, with a DHL tracking number.

I came home on the evening of business day twelve to see that DHL had been here and wanted my signature. For clothes?! I signed the back of the form they left and stuck it on the door. Finally, on business day thirteen a small box arrived. Surely this couldn’t contain a dress, shirt, and two scarves..? But it did! Each piece was packed in its own plastic bag, and for some reason the order also included a tape measure (I sent you my custom measurements, so obviously I already have one, but whatever, I’ll take it). The scarves were in good shape, but the shirt and dress were horribly wrinkled. I’m going to have to work some major steam magic on those pieces. The fabrics were also much stiffer and rougher than I was expecting. However, thanks to the custom sizing, for the first time ever I am able to wear shirts that have a defined “area” where your chest is supposed to go, and have things actually fall in the right place (for the most part). I love the shirt. The dress has some other issues, as I can’t really move my arms, but I’ll have to deal with that because it’s otherwise fine and I don’t really want to return it. So here’s my piece-by-piece review:

Surplice Shirtdress

This dress is cute and fits like a glove. I used the custom sizing to fit it to my measurements, and with the custom styling options I kept the neckline and cap sleeve as shown, but changed the length to knee length. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there are pockets! However, the skirt is a bit fuller than I’d expected, so I don’t know that I’d be able to pull off wearing it so casually. The fabric is very stiff, and it was a little tight getting on and off, despite the side zipper. Also, I can’t raise my arms with the little cap sleeves, I wish I had gone sleeveless.

Knot Front Tee

I liked this shirt as soon as I saw it, because it reminded me of another shirt I have that I like, even though it’s kind of blobby on me. Thanks to the custom measurements, this one fits perfectly. I also customized the sleeves to elbow length. The neckline is pretty deep, though, so it definitely needs a camisole or something under it. The color is beautiful, but the “cotton jersey knit” is rougher and stiffer than I expected. Also, it was really tough to get on. It wasn’t until after I’d tried it on and taken it off the first time that I noticed there was a small side zipper – I used it the second time I tried the shirt on, and it was a little easier.

Ruffled Row Scarf

I’m not a fan of this scarf‘s pom-poms, but I love the color. Today was the first really cold day we’ve had in a while, and I wore this scarf as part of my bundling and it kept me warm. But because of its bulk, I don’t know if I’ll ever end up wearing it just as part of an outfit. I have no clue how to drape it to look like the picture on the web site. Also, the texture is a little rough and it has kind of a smell to it (plastic?).

Fin-de-Siecle Loop Scarf

I really like this circle scarf. It’s completely not my usual style, but it was fun to wear out on New Year’s Eve (and a very cool-looking girl outside a tattoo shop took a break from her cell phone call to call out “Cool scarf!” as I walked past). Doubled up it’s a little awkward looking, and draped just once it’s a bit bulky, so it definitely calls for wearing the right clothes underneath. And I wouldn’t wear it for keeping warm (it was warm, but not for cold weather).

My verdict: I am not a fan of the customer service, and especially not with being led on with the promise of a free item to review. The fabrics are not what I was expecting. But if you want a really custom-fit piece, this is a reasonable option (if you consider the cost of buying an item of clothing and having it tailored). There is also no reason to pay full price, they are constantly having sales and special offers, or you can easily find a discount code via a blogger who’s partnered with them, and if you use eBates, they will give you 10% cash back. I probably would order from them again, if there was something I was really interested in and there was a good sale or discount code available. But take those compensated reviews with a grain of salt, because the experience and products are not as amazing as they make it sound.

[Edit – 1/5] The day after I wrote this, “Jennifer” e-mailed me, thanking me for my candid review, and apologizing for overlooking my last message to her. She offered to still send a sample item for me to review, so if she doesn’t lose my e-mail this time, I may still do the sponsored review. She also mentioned that people are more likely to complain on the internet than to take the time to write good comments, which I agree with, and assured me that sponsored bloggers are not provided text for their reviews, which I was not insinuating at all. I just find it fishy that all the sponsored reviews are very positive, and all the non-sponsored reviews are negative. So I’m glad to have had the opportunity to share my non-sponsored, unbiased opinions, both positive and negative. And watch for a future follow-up review from me, I hope. [/Edit]

[Edit – 1/16] The other morning I got an e-mail from my credit card company saying there was a potential security issue. When I called, they said someone in China had tried charging over $500 on my card, so when I verified that I was not buying anything in China the day before, they canceled the card and will be sending me a new one. How did someone in China get my credit card info? The last place I used it … was Amazon. But the last place before that? None other than eShakti! Now, I’m not saying they leaked my info, but… I’m not saying they didn’t. [/Edit]

[Edit – 7/21/13] I still don’t fully trust eShakti, but I recently had a much better experience with them. [/Edit]

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  1. I stumbled on your blog while trying to find out more information on eShakti. I am smack in the middle of one of their customer service nightmares – my package took 15 days to arrive and was missing an item. It took 3 days to get any response. At this point, all they’re willing to do is “check the status” of the missing item. And that will take two more days.

    I’m probably going to end up running a dispute through my credit card company. I’m really glad you pointed out that the bulk of the positive reviews are sponsored – I am starting to think I’m the only person who has ever had problems with this apparently wonderful company.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience, and sorry for the hassle you’re going through! From what I’ve read of other people’s experiences, they’re pretty accomodating about fixing things, but again these are mostly sponsored reviews. I wish more regular people would share their honest thoughts.

  2. Hi.
    I’m debating about ordering from them, and not ure whether to try custom order or regular size.

    However, I mainly wanted to comment to tell you that the situation with your credit card was most likely from amazon. Last year, I had a fraudulent situation with my credit card, and the only website I had my credit card info stored was

    • If you’re going to order from them, I’d definitely go with the custom sizing. The fact that they do that is really the only reason to choose them over another company/designer. And all customization is free through March, if you want to order now!

      As for the credit card thing… Yes, it could have been anywhere that I’d used my card, but I’ve ordered from Amazon many many times and have never had a problem. Whether it was eShakti or not, the fact that it happened doesn’t improve my opinion of them.

  3. I took all my measurements, decided what to order, and decided to go through with it. My computer red-flagged the site as unsecure and eShakti was using someone else’s certificate. So I started checking reviews. Nope. There will be no order from my house. I am used to the customer service and quality of Lands End and LL Bean. Too nervous to take a chance…

  4. I ordered a few dresses from eshatki, and while I adore my dresses, it took almost a month for them to get to me! I agree in the fabric being slightly stiff but the seaming is strong and structured. I would order from them again, but not when I need something in a hurry!

  5. I just found your review while searching to see if anybody else has had problems with eShakti. I placed an order on March 29. The website said that items ship on the morning of the 6th business day. I waited. I did not get an email telling me my item had shipped. This Tuesday (April 10) I called the customer service line to check the status of my order. I had to leave a message but the customer service rep called me back in about an hour. She said that they had been overwhelmed with 2000 orders in the past two weeks and she was not sure if my item had shipped yet. Um, ok. The next day I got an email saying that my item will ship on April 14. That’s 16 days of processing, instead of the advertized 5.

    If they are so overwhelmed, maybe they could post something on the site about orders taking longer than expected, or send an email to explain the delay? I did not care for the total lack of communication about my order.

    I will have to wait and see how long my order actually takes to get here, and if it was worth the wait. I’m just glad I found a backup dress to wear to this wedding…

  6. Robin I am having the same problem as you I spent 600$ on dresses i ordered from them on march 30th and they have not sent me anything yet. Im worried since im moving may 1st.
    I emailed them and they said sorry but they are having problems with manufacturing and my item will ship on or before april 20th.
    this is very poor business practices.

    i plan to get a refund if they cannot guarantee my package will arrive by april 30th when I have to move.

    They have false advertising they say all items will ship within 5 days and take 8-12 business days to arrive.

    I have been reading many reviews after the fact and see many people have had poor experience with shipping and late deliveries and poor communication.

    I would not order from this company ever again even if the dresses do eventually come.

    Im scared that the dresses won’t fit correctly and then ill have another return/refund nightmare.
    Even though I did customization many people say even customization dresses are way too big.

  7. i’m surprised you got a shipping confirmation or anything at all. after a month of no communication after my order, and two un-returned emails to customer service, i finally called the company and found out my order still hadn’t been made, let alone shipped (what 4 business days?). they assured me that my order would be shipped “on or around the end of the week” and gave me a few bucks for my troubles. i asked for a tracking number and never received one. finally, i get an angry phone call from the DHL delivery guy asking me why i’m not at home to receive a package. after 10 minutes of this guy threatening to send my package back, i did get him to agree to hide it, but i sure didn’t even know i was getting the dress finally. fits almost perfectly – i attribute the extra couple inches that were off to the fact it took 6 weeks to get to me and i might have lost some weight. the dress is adorable, and once i get it tailored i’ll love it, but i don’t know if i can recommend this company either.

  8. My items finally arrived today after ordering them on march 30th they came april 24th. The guarantee on their website about shipping time is bullshit.

    So my order finally comes im in canada and I had to pay the UPS guy 160$ in brokerage and custom fees.

    When my items came I received 2 of the same dresses and one of my dresses was missing.

    I ended up returning 5 dresses and keeping 3 and it costs me 21$ to mail the dresses back to WA.

    I will never order from this company again.
    The dresses fit well because I custom ordered it but they weren’t amazing fabrics or dresses.

    I am very disapointed in this company.

  9. Oh, dear. Now I’m really worried. This place sounded great. I ordered something more than a week ago, didn’t get the immediate confirmation they promised, called, they then sent an email, said they had been updated the web site so that may be the issue; then got a confirmation email–in which they discounted the dress I ordered by $20 for being a new customer. I was happy. Then got another email about them not being able to ship in the promised 5 days due to overwhelming orders. Haven’t heard from them since, even after I emailed two days ago asking about the status of my order. Wondering if I should cancel the entire thing.

  10. I ordered my dress March 14th and I received it 18 days later; so I agree with the inconsistency in their expected shipping! I returned my dress because it was very big on me! I custom ordered it but there’s no way I lost 3 sizes in my chest over the 2 1/2 weeks it took to arrive.
    And it took longer for them to process my refund gift card (because I wanted to give them another chance…) then to ship it to me! I finally received my GC code May 2nd. I’m a little worried about ordering again and if anything I’ll only customized the sleeve length. :/

  11. I have a little different experience with eshakti. I ordered a custom dress for my son’s wedding in September, ordered early with plenty of time and the dresses came on time. I only kept one because the other fit properly but didn’t look good on me. The mother of the groom dress was great. The second time, I ordered two dresses, not custom sizes, and one was fantastic, I get so many compliments on it and the other awful: it looked like it was made out of nightgown material. Returned it, no problem. I have decided that you have to be extremely careful about fabrics. My third order I only placed 2 weeks out. I really needed to get it on time for an event and again I ordered custom, thinking now I really have it figured out. Got an email today that they are running 10-12 days behind schedule. Bummer. They are going to give me some kind of credit though…and my fault, really, after all they’re in India.

    • But it’s not your fault – if they are still advertising a 1-week turnaround time, even for custom orders, they shouldn’t pull that at the last minute (especially after an order has already been placed). They should post an announcement somewhere advising people of their new timelines.

  12. I fell in love with and decided to order my first dress 4/24. As soon as I ordered, I found in my e-mail a $20 off for being a new customer. I called and asked if they could apply that to my current order, they said yes, and sent me a confirmation e-mail stating they had refunded the money and I would be recieving a transaction e-mail in the next 2 days. In the meantime, on the 4th day after ordering, I got an e-mail saying shipping would be extended 5-10 days because of a volume increase and that they would e-mail me when it shipped along with a discount based on how many days I have to wait. So I waited …. and nothing. I checked my bank 5/6 and noticed they had never credited the 20.00 back and I e-mailed them. They replied back that it would be credited back Monday 5/7 and gave me some transaction ID and told me I should reply back by Wednesday to confirm I recieved the refund. Its only Tuesday, but I still haven’t seen anything. …. And I still have no dress after 2 weeks. I called today and left a message; we’ll see if they get back to me. I’m starting to be really disappointed, especially after reading everyone else’s comments.

  13. So I ordered a dress from eshakti back in March for my brother’s wedding. While it did not ship within the exact timeline they have listed on their website, I got the dress fairly quickly after they shipped it and was satisfied with my order. However, I knew some other people who had trouble with their orders, so the next time I decided to buy a dress I was cautious. I wanted to get a cute/fun dress for my wedding anniversary and to take on a trip Chicago. I ordered my dress on April 20th. Like many of you I received the “delay of 5-10 days” email. After 5-10 days had passed (the email did not specify “business days”) I sent out an email that I ordered the dress way in advance for two very specific purposes and I was worried that it would not get to me in time. I actually got an email back asking me when I needed the dress so they could be shipped “priority”. I responded and have heard nothing since! I’m pretty dissatisfied with the fact that they don’t have this delay advertised on their website. If I had known about it, I would not have purchased the dress. My anniversary is this Thursday and I leave for Chicago the next afternoon. I am thinking I will be sans-dress.

  14. SIGH…I’m still waiting for my dresses. I ordered them on April 25th to wear to a wedding this coming weekend and they still are not here. I’ve sent 3 emails and not heard anything back on those. I called the customer service and left a message and decided I to call back again and in shock I actually talked to someone. She let me know that my dress (NOT DRESSES, I’ve ordered two) just shipped today and will be here on Monday, but I wouldn’t know that because I haven’t gotten any shipping information. Well the wedding is this weekend, so that doesn’t help me much. My other dress hasn’t even been made yet. She did say that because my one dress shipped 11 days late that I will get 11% off. That’s nice but doesn’t really make up for the fact that I have to go out and buy another dress now. I’m wondering when my other dress is going to ship? I would like to wear it next month to another wedding. Fingers crossed that it will be here by then.

  15. I learned of eshatki from a plus size blogger, I was intrigued and I researched. I signed up for their emails, got a $20 off gift code and surfed the closeout section until I found a bargain in my size for next to nothing (including shipping) … my expectations were low, my dress took almost 3 weeks to hit my door step and I am SO HAPPY to have taken the gamble. As a size 18 I have never had a dress actually FIT ME fit me and this dress REALLY fit me. I understand that dresses from them will take time, and I understand that unlike we can not get garment specific reviews BUT I will absolutely do business with this company again. Yay dresses!!!

  16. I recently ordered a custom fit dress from eshakti to wear to my grandmother’s house in FL (I live in MN). Four days after ordering I got an email saying that my dress delivery would be delayed and that I would receive a small refund for the inconvenience. I love all the styles on the website and ended up ordering a dress from the overstock section, which arrived exactly 12 days after I placed the order. It fits OK, I agree with you about the stiff fabric & cap sleeves. A week after that I received my custom dress, which fits well, though the fabric is a little stiff.

    This morning I got an email with a survey and a code for $10 off my next eshakti purchase. I had e-mailed the customer representative twice and received no reply, but that is not unusual for high-volume companies. All in all I’d give my customer satisfaction with eshakti a solid B, and will be ordering from them again.

  17. I will never order from Eshakti again. I ordered two dresses and a necklace. One dress I kept. The necklace never arrived. And the other dress was returned. It took three months, MANY EMAILS and several phone calls to get the return processed. And by processed, I mean I was given coupon codes that expired the same day they were issued. Which, incidentally is a day I was out of town and did not have computer access and was not able to use the coupon codes and essentially had $50 stolen from me from Eshakti.


  18. At least your orders went through the system. For whatever reason, my order keeps being declined. There was a sale that ended today and I was really pleased with the prices of the dresses I wanted, but as soon as I go to check out… Sorry! Been declined. Wait, what? My credit card has never been declined. What gives?

    I called them and left a message. We’ll see how long it takes for them to call back – besides, this is an issue of them not getting my money; AFTER they get my money, then they’ll start ignoring me and lying to me.

  19. I am trying so hard to get in touch with them!!! I placed an order 2 and a half-3 weeks ago, and its still not here! I’m extremely frustrated. Does anyone know what I can do to contact them? They are not responding to my emails!

  20. I to am having this issue! I thought I was lucky enough to win a free dress from them via another bloggers giveaway. I placed my order via the form they sent me 14 days ago and have received NO other communication aside from the autoresponse to my form submission. When I contacted Jennifer to inquire, I received no response. I know it was a freebie, but I’m also a fellow blogger who was looking forward to writing a ‘glowing review’.
    If anyone has any suggestions I’d love to hear them!

  21. I should have looked into this before…ugh. I am having the same problem with my order from e-shakti. My order (over $100) was placed 6/3, and here it is 6/20 and I have been charged, but havent seen anything. According to the website on Friday, they still hadn’t even shipped yet. I tried emailing the infamous “Gina,” whose actual existence at this point I question, and after two emails inquiring about my order in the last two weeks, I’ve received no response. I thought about doing my bridesmaids’ dresses through them, and this was kind of a test run before I put my girls through it, and needless to say, eshakti failed miserably. Avoid at all costs!

  22. Hi – similar problems with eShakti. They shipped my dress over 2 weeks late, it was about 5 sizes larger than I had specified so I’m trying to return, and I never received the $20 discount that was supposed to have been applied….

  23. Argh! I also was ordering as a test run for bridesmaid dresses. I ordered on 6/7/12, and ONE of my dresses shipped on the 19th. It is now in Germany. The other hasn’t shipped and no one has confirmed its status. I emailed “Gina” and left a voicemail.I hate that googling eshakti reviews turns up only sponsored ads, and am very thankful to find this blog, and know I’m not alone.

  24. I should have done further diligence. I did not realuze this company was in India. Not only did my order take 22 days to get here, it was only part of what I ordered. My next surprise was I had to pay an extra $24.20 in shipping fees. As the order was not all there, I will have an additional $24.20!! I will not order from this company again. By the time all the extras are added, the clothing is not worth what I paid.
    PS The email address on the invoice for customer setvice was a non-existant address

  25. A friend showed me eShakti and naturally I fell in love. Originally ordered 3 custom dresses…love no issues. But that was last year. Due to a problem with a skirt that was returned (I will admit that was a little shifty a GC instead of a CC credit) I waited to find another dress I would like. So on May 27th I found the two dresses I adored Admiralty Blue Dress and Sinnett Sheath. Got some wonky email about a credit due to delays (have NEVER seen this magical credit) but I figured…its coming from India…I can wait. Then got a email regarding shipping with a actual tracking number. Then on June 21st I received ONE dress (Admiralty – ordered a 22 and still fit like a glove…guess I am a “true” 22). I did get a email that there was a issue and the other dress would have been shipped on the 25ht…but no confirmation. I am waiting to hear back from my email…and am crossing my fingers that my second dress will arrive.

    My cousin showed me the website and has had nothing but problems…even with custom sizing. They also lost her order and gave her the run around.

    My final thoughts…buy at your own risk. I think to many people have fallen in love and this is what happens. As for people complaining about shipping/duty/etc…seriously? They must have never ordered online before as most places don’t cover brokrage fees, duty etc…you pay that at the door or in a surprise bill at a later date!

  26. I wish I’d seen this site sooner!! Just off the phone with them 3 weeks after ordering with NO real info (an occassional “sorry we’re so overwhelmed and behind” email from the elusive Gina). I will not have my items in time for when I needed them, and at this point, have no real confidence that I will get what I thought I ordered. Grr.

  27. I am considering ordering from eShakti and I am uncertain whether to do so. Some of the customers complaining seem to be upset that their clothing is not available in 8-12 days. My reading of the website was that production of the garment is expected to take 5 days and the shipping is expected to take an additional 8-12 days, not that the whole process takes 12 days. Obviously, the company should be responding quickly to emails, but I wonder how much of this problem results from the company’s estimate of what constitutes being on time not matching with that of the customers.

    • From their web site: “All items, including custom orders, are shipped in 5 business days or less and should arrive at your door within 12 business days.” This sure makes it sound like you will have your item within 12 days of ordering. I think this has actually been updated in the six months since my first purchase, as I remember it being phrased a little differently. Either way, maybe they should update the site to more clearly and accurately reflect the timelines.

  28. I bought from them about 4-5 months ago. Ordered 3 dresses custom. All the dresses that came fit perfectly but like a previous poster noted the fabric on one was so stiff i decided to return it. My account was credited with no problems. I decided to order again, a custom dress. That was about a month ago and I still haven’t received anything. I did get the email about my account being credited a percentage for my ‘inconvenience’. If I don’t hear by Friday I’m cancelling the order altogether. I’ll let you know if I have to do that and what the outcome is.

  29. I have found this way too late :( I should have investigated more about this company before taking the bait. So far I tried contacting them thru their site, email and telephone, and I haven’t got success on getting anyone (I lost track on how many times I tried, seriously). It’s been a month and out of the three dresses I ordered, I guess it’s already so lucky of me to get one. lol They have emailed me about compensating me for the wait time but I never received these alleged “small refund” they are talking about. I am seriously contemplating on filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau because apart from the horrible customer service, delayed delivery and quality issues, they should not have charged our credit cards before they even ship the items. Sorry for the rant.

  30. So I ordered a dress on May 17th to wear to wedding. The dress didn’t arrive until June 12th. I never once received a notification that the dress was going to be delayed because of a back log of orders. Once I did get the dress it was the wrong dress in the wrong size. Not even close to what I ordered. I ordered a long denim chambray maxi dress, I received a short green cotton dress. I called the company right away and had to leave a message. I received an email saying “thanks for your email”. I finally reached someone the next day and they couldn’t figure out how this happened, they would have the manager send me a pre-paid label to send the dress back and they would credit my account to reflex the distress of the whole thing. They would also investigate where my original dress was and get back to me. So no pre-paid label was sent, no email letting me know when I would get the original dress. I did get an email stating that I received a $5 credit to my credit card. So thank you for my $5 credit, but it’s now July 3rd and I have still yet to received my original dress. I called last Thursday and spoke with a customer service person who said she would email me by Friday, the next day, as to where the status of my order was in the process. Note, there has been to no email as of yet. Whenever I call it takes almost 10 tries to get someone on the phone. I think my $5 inconvenience credit is a little low right now.

  31. Still waiting on a order from three weeks ago. Last I heard it would ship late by 6/30, but still no shipping confirmation sent…I may need to go shop for something else locally! I was planning on wearing it in 10 days.

  32. So an update to my post on July 3rd. I asked about the status of my order via email. I got a reply stating: “We regret to inform you that despite our best efforts the apparel that you had ordered with us could not be made due to fabric / component availability reasons.

    We therefore request your permission to treat this order as canceled.

    The charges made to your card on account of this order would be refunded and the transaction details emailed to you within the next 2 business days

    We are again sorry for the inconveniences caused to you and will ensure that your order gets fulfilled the next time you shop with us. ”

    So guess that’s that. no need to shop w/them again. Glad I found this site. Now I have to make sure I get my money back!!!

  33. I just received my order today after waiting over five weeks (I placed the order on June 1st). Granted, I am at work so I haven’t tried it on yet, but it looks like it will probably fit me (I did not opt for custom sizing because the measurements for a 2 are my regular measurements). I like the fabric (Bow Ties are Cool dress)–it’s soft and flowy, and I did get it a little wrinkled, but that’s easily solved by hanging it in my bathroom while I shower.

    I am satisfied with the quality of my dress but I’ll never order from Eshakti again because of the lack of communication from the company. I’d much rather spend my hard-earned dollars at ModCloth, where, if I’m not happy with something, at least they communicate with me in a reasonable time frame.

  34. I ordered a sundress and a black and white peplum top on June 11th. They said 3-7 b.days free shipping. A week later I got an email saying shipping would be delayed.Still hadn’t arrived when I left on a week’s vacation on June 29th. While gone DHL tried 3 times to deliver a pkg. from them. I came home to find their stickers all over my front door. I called DHL and first they told me I’d have to come to BOSTON (I live in RI) to get the pkg because they had tried the 3 times allowed to deliver my pkg. But when I said I’d been on vacation, they relented. I was never told I would need to SIGN for a pkg from INDIA in the first place!! And on top of that, only the sundress was in the box. I also got the little measuring tape?? But I have to say, the dress fits absolutely perfectly! The fabric is a little stiff but I love the big pockets. But where is my other item?? After reading all these other stories I’m so afraid I’ll never get the top and be out the money. I saw their ad in Weight Watchers magazine–I think I should tell WW about this company and have them read these reviews!! Wouldn’t it be nice if they dropped their ads.

  35. Thanks for the review. I’m still not sure if I will place a order with eShakti or not but at least I’ll know a little more what to expect. Based on your comments about not having tops fit you wellI’d also like to recommend another retailer to you, if you haven’t already heard of them – SimplyBe. I love most things I’ve ordered from them(jeans especially)and they offer a number of tops that are available with different cup sizes in addition to the regular sizing, which might interest you.

  36. All I can say is that if you are considering ordering from eShakti be very very careful. I am a little angry at their lies about shipping. I waited several weeks for two separate orders I placed and received emails saying that they were swamped, etc, etc but would refund a small amount back to my credit card for the inconvenience when the items shipped. My items eventually shipped and guess what? No refund! To make matters worse, one of the dresses had the wrong sleeves (I had ordered it stock with no customization of the sleeves) and even though I ordered two size 6 tops and two size 6 dresses they were all completely different sizes! You would have thought I had ordered one of each size! I kept the ONE blouse that fit and packaged all of the others to return and it cost me $24.00 to return them to WA. I send an email to customer service hoping they might try to right the wrong, I was very polite… nothing. Not even an acknowledgment. Please think twice before ordering from them and spare yourself…

  37. Oh, and to top it all off, just like one of the above posters… I got a call from my bank today and I have a bunch of bogus charges on the card I used to shop at eShakti. I use my card a lot, so it may not have been them but PLEASE be careful and wary of this company should you decide to shop the website!

  38. Oh man! I wish I had read this before ordering. I ordered 2 dresses on 7/19 for my daughters baby shower on August 14th. Their website advertises that it will ship in 5 days and deliver in 8-12 days, plenty of time for the shower. Today I received the email everyone else has gotten, that my order has been delayed. I sent two emails to “Gina” letting her know that word has spread quickly about their company false advertising and giving terrible customer service. What bothers me is that I saw them advertised on “MSN Living” I’m so upset that I may not get the dresses on time.

  39. Stay away from this company! I am super chill about time it takes for dresses to get to me (the average time to receive each of my three orders has been 1 month). I really liked a lot of their dress styles so I took a chance with them, but I’ve had problems with ALL 7 dresses I’ve ordered.

    Every Dress is ridiculously long – tending to hit below the knee to mid calf or lower without putting in a custom order for shorter. Even on the ones were I specified shorter, they were still a bit long. I can kinda forgive this but it’s a pain that I’m going to have to hem dresses that was already a custom order. My first dress only had this problem.

    Of the next three dresses I ordered: The first was sewn together backward with the back slit in the front. The second was two sizes too big all over. And the third had the ridiculously long hem problem and tore within the first 10 minutes of wearing it. I almost sent it back as well, but figured with a sewing machine I might be able to fix it – I’m less optimistic about this now.

    I sent two back expecting to get my credit card refunded and ordered three more because there was a sale.

    Of those three only two have arrived (this week it’ll be a month) – One of the dresses has a warped bodice and again too long despite custom ordering it smaller. The other is too big overall despite being a custom order.

    Yesterday I got an email telling me that they wouldn’t refund my credit card and that their policy is now Gift Certificates for any returns. The promise of getting money back is why I shopped with them in the first place! >.<

  40. I think I’m in the same negative boat. I placed my order with high expectations. My order was delayed with an email promising $compensation for the delay- haven’t seen it yet. My order took 35 days to complete/ship. I’ve attempted to email the customer service rep Gina to no avail. Did that 8 days ago, again 2 days ago, and again today. I’m very disappointed. Also, like your dress issue- there’s a lot of material at the bottom. I ordered one dress with custom measurements. It’s a pull on style. I get stuck every time I try to pull off.
    All I can say is GRRRRR.

  41. UPDATE: My two emails to “Gina” worked! I got an email back from “Carol” saying that my order has now shipped with the DHL tracking number.
    This is what I wrote if your interested…


    I am hoping all of the terrible customer service reviews I just read about EShakti won’t be true for me too. Word has spread quickly that your company never delivers on time and that returns and refunds are a nightmare. If I get my dresses on time, I will be happy to write great reviews about Eshakti. If I don’t, I will definitely let everyone know about it. Including the Better Business Bureau!

    I will really need my dresses in time for my daughters baby shower. If I can not get them in time, i don’t want them!

    Your prompt attention is appreciated!

  42. I ordered a dress yesterday (7/29/2012) for a wedding in late september. After reading all these comments aobut their slow turn around time, I hope that I’ve given myself enough lead time..

  43. UPDATE: Just got both of my dresses yesterday (Ordered on 7/19). My emails definitely worked (see my post above for email details)! They are so cute,flattering and made beautifully. I love both and am so excited to wear them.

  44. As others have said, fingers crossed. I ordered my dress on July 19, and on the 25th, one from “Carol” citing high volume of orders. Very early this morning (Aug 6), they emailed a tracking number, so now I am tracking it with DHL. It should leave India tonight. I hope my order turns out like Cyndi’s, delayed but no problem. I read about the company in Women’s Day magazine, in an article on fashion, so it seems like they should be warned as well.

  45. I just had a very disappointing first (and LAST) purchase from eShakti. Long wait, no replies to emails, huge courier fees (why don’t they advise?) and then only HALF my order showed up. Am I going to have to pay the courier again??

  46. The package arrived via DHL a day earlier than it originally indicated. The best thing I did was to sign up on DHL for alerts–it told me when it cleared customs, when it was out on the truck, when my husband signed for it. The box seemed impossibly small, but my dress was inside. The one I purchased was a cotton knit one, with embroidery at the skirt, and the fabric was soft, and the dress seems well-made. The neckline is too low (it is a collar with buttons), but that is easily fixed (and no way to know when looking at it online). I find others’ comments regarding the tape measure a bit odd–the tape measure is meant as a token and a reminder that the company does custom clothing. I actually think it is quite clever, although it could use some additional branding (e.g.a tape measure with eShakti’s name on it).

    I think the thing to keep in mind is that the quality of the clothing, to me, seems commensurate with the price. Before the discount, what I purchased was about a $60 dress. If I were to purchase a $60 dress from another website or in a store, this would be the quality I would expect. It’s not a $100+ dress–it is like what you would buy at Kohl’s or online at Chadwicks, or something like that, not something from Macy’s or Talbots (or even Eddie Bauer). I can’t tell if I was just lucky with my delivery, or if those who did not have problems simply have not commented. I don’t know if I will order again, but I’m very likely to consider it.

    Also something else to think about. If someone is going to do a proper test or analysis of how the company works, they would order the same style dress in different standard sizes and in a couple custom sizes, from different people delivered to different addresses, and then compare the experience and compare the dresses themselves. I do quite a bit of sewing, and it is clear by the designs and the construction of the dresses that if someone has measurements that are very close to one of the standards might be likely to get one of the standard sizes, given that many of the dresses have full or full-ish skirts and almost all of them have partial back elastic at the waist. Something to consider when ordering. I ordered a standard size, although I was off a bit in the hips, but the dress is full in the skirt, so fits just fine.

  47. Wow! So many issues with customer service and turn around time!

    Thanks for this post and to all who commented. I was just about to buy several items from them. But not if it takes a month to receive an order.

    It’s really unfortunate that eshakti is so slow to respond. Their dresses are super cute and they’d probably get more business of they were more timely.

    If eshakti wants business from American customers, they’re going to have to learn to operate on a timeframe that Americans are accustomed to.

  48. I ordered three weeks ago (maybe only two), and the dresses all arrived this past weekend. They all fit well, and I haven’t had any problems. I’m feeling like I really lucked out after reading all these reviews. I’ll certainly have to think twice about ordering from them again. I ordered custom sizes, but changed the sleeves and the length on two of the dresses.

  49. It’s been two months and I’ve still not received a dress I’ve purchased from them, despite numerous emails and phone calls. This really is a scam. I’m so disappointed.

  50. I have had multiple horrible experiences with Eshakti now… and now finally after all the trials I’ve had with them… most recently I’ve emailed them 4 or 5 different times and they have NEVER RESPONDED to me… it looks like I”m going to just be completely just out whatever money I spent on their site because the damned giftcard they sent me won’t even work. They’re a freaking joke.

  51. I ordered a dress and a skirt from eShakti earlier this year, and both fit well and are well-made.

    However, three additional items I have ordered (not customized, standard measurements) have been HORRIBLE: scratchy fabric, weird fit in other places than bust/waist/hip. When I returned a skirt and a dress, it took them three weeks to process my return!

    So of course, when I needed a dress for a black-tie optional wedding, I figured I’d give them one last try (my bad, I know). I checked my measurements, just in case, gathered up my coupon codes and went to town. The dress I selected had beaded sleeves, draping across the bust and a cute keyhole detail… and it looks totally horrible on. It fits at the measuring points, but sags over my boobs and pulls across my stomach and rear end. To top the poor fit, the beading was uneven and there were gaps where the beads were supposed to be sewn on.

    Ugh. I’m loath to return it because it will probably take 2 months before I get my money back. Highly annoying.

  52. I ordered from them last year and received my customized dressed within three weeks. They fit just fine, but have yet to wear them. Why? The fabric sucks. It has the feel of a cheap bedsheet and it wrinkles like mad. I am planning to consign them at a loss this weekend. If I cannot consign them, they are going straight to the thrift store.

  53. I have bought 6 dresses from EShakti and love every single one. My only complaint is that the zippers are plastic and cheap, and tend to run off track. But I love the customization and plan to buy from them again.

  54. I have bought several dresses from eShakti, and for the most part, I have been really pleased. The one dress I returned was because I somehow didn’t read that the dress was a different length than I was expecting. I have found the quality of the items to be excellent, and the fit is amazing. They fit absolutely perfectly, and I love the customizing option, especially for length and sleeve style. The items have always arrived in the time specified, and I’ve been able to wear almost all of the dresses right out of the packaging. The jersey is a bit stiffer than I expected. I did have an issue with getting a response from customer service on one order, but with another, they contacted me right away about an issue they found on their end – to see if I still wanted the item – including great photographs. I have noticed that things disappear from the site and then reappear hours later. They do tell you if they have limited stock on an item – once it is added to your cart. I do find that their website is often VERY slow, and honestly, that’s my biggest complaint. I will continue to order from them. I’m very pleased with my experiences.

  55. Just today I discovered eShakti and was SO EXCITED to find all these vintage-inspired dresses, reasonably priced, with custom sizing available so for once I wouldn’t be forced to buy a size up to accomodate my arse, only to require tailoring to take in the chest. Then I noticed, when I googled “eShakti”, that the third autofill response was “eShakti complaints”. So, that. Definitely appreciate your candid blog entry, and all of the subsequent comments. Saved me from spending an obscene amount of money on clothing it seems likely would ultimately disappoint me. Thanks, everyone!

  56. I’ve ordered many items from eshakti and been really pleased. I’m not a blogger, but I have blogger friends who introduced me to the company.

    I have had to play with the sizing a bit (I’ve not done custom sizing). I think their stuff runs a bit full and long, so I’ve started listing a shorter height. Other than that I find their inventory to be high quality with nice details and great prices.

    My latest order was slow, but it was the first time I’d had that problem with them. And once it shipped it arrived overnight.

  57. I’m having issues with an eShakti return. I ordered two custom items: a dress and a skirt. I got them on 6/20, knew right away that the jacket needed to go back, and mailed it priority on 6/24. According to USPS tracking, it arrived at eShakti in Sammamish, Washington two days later. It wasn’t until the evening of 6/24 that I noticed that you had to… I don’t know, ask for permission to return the item? Anyway, I did that on the website and got a confirmation email. I figured that there may be some delay because of that. Folks, we are going week three. Not even an email to tell me it is processing. In the meantime, the three dresses that I’d saved in my cart to use that $79 credit on have sold out.
    The skirt I ordered is super cute and has gotten many compliments and eShakti advertising, which I may renege on if they don’t get the ball rolling.

  58. I will never order from this company again and am doing what I can to discourage others from doing so too. There are too many details to go into but essentially the custom-fit dresses a friend and I ordered came to us weeks past the expected time-frame. When they finally did come (with unexpected shipping duties tacked on) they were so big that they were unwearable. A couple of exchanges with “Customer service” did absolutely nothing to solve the problem and I had to turn super-sleuth to try and track down a manager (not an easy task when no company directory seemed to exist) who was willing to try and find a resolution. In the end, they would not refund our money and could not send us new dresses because by the time all was said and done, the original dresses were out of stock. They did send us different dresses (only after we re-sent our measurements…the implication was that we had measured incorrectly) but these too were either too big or of such poor quality that they were also unwearable (one of my dresses stretched out to a sack). To top it all off, this whole process took six months and dozens of emails back and forth between us and their company in India, leaving us with unsatisfactory, unwearable dresses and zero financial compensation. We thought we did our homework beforehand, also seeing only rave blogger and customer reviews before we ordered; but I believe I figured out why. When we posted a critical review, the company removed it. That’s not really an upfront business practice in my books. I cannot underline how much I want to discourage people from ordering from this company.

  59. I ordered two dresses from e-Shakti last summer. I did the custom sizing, and I added options (sleeves and longer length). The dresses are lovely and well-made…but I’ve never worn them. They are unwearable. The elbow length sleeves are as tight as a sausage casing. The shoulders are far too narrow. If I try to move my arms it feels like the dress is going to split open at the armholes. Such a shame…because both would have been flattering if they had fit. I didn’t send them back because I was out of town for an extended time (over a month) when they arrived and figured they wouldn’t take them back after such a long time…and I didn’t want the hassle.

  60. I ordered two dresses and a jacket 3 weeks ago. They advised me my delivery date was going to be April 9th. And today I received my order. I was very pleased. It’s good quality material. It’s a little wrinkled and stuff from being new and in plastic but coming from a manufacturing background I know that with a couple of washes and wears they will be very comfortable. They are auper flattering and got very well other then the busy being a little too large. But that’s an easy tailoring fix that doesn’t cost much. I was however dumbstruck that my duties cost 70$ CDN. For a company that only sells in the US and canada as per their site they shouldn’t have duties in my opinion. I’ve bought from other sites in the US and never had to pay duties. All in all I am very pleased with my purchases an definitely plan to buy again but always keeping in mind what I’ve read here.

  61. I absolutely adore Eshakti! I’ve ordered there several times, my orders come promptly, the styles are vintage and charming and the dresses are beautifully constructed. I’ve never had any problems thus far.

  62. I wish I had found this website before I made my purchase in August 2014. I ordered 3 items, 2 blouses and 1 dress. I followed all of the dimension recommendations, I’m 5’9″, 142lbs, but an athletic build (wide shoulders, hips same width, small bust). Neither the dress nor the wrap around blouse fit at all. The fabric patterns were lovely, the material itself a little scratchy and stiff, but the fit was terrible. I couldn’t lift my arms in either item and the bust fell open. The zipper cinched my waist too tightly, all wrong for a Size 8 which I ordered, it’s not like I ordered a size 4! The 3rd item was a stretch blouse that while I could at least wear it without the front falling open this was too tight and I couldn’t fit a padded bra comfortably underneath. Again all size 8 items. I explained my disappointment and my particular issues/build on the return form and in an email, and neither comments were acknowledged by their customer service. I had to pay $12 to ship all 3 items back and because one item was on sale I could not get a refund just a gift card. Their shipping is very expensive so so far from a $60 or so purchase I’ve paid nearly $30 in shipping and have gotten a $60 credit. I’m out $30 and if I want to risk trying another one of their items and it doesn’t work either, I’ll be out another $20-30 for shipping again. I politely asked for a full refund citing their clothes don’t seem to fit women of my build, or for a specific guarantee or recommendation of an item that would fit my dimensions, but no response.
    I will not be ordering from this company again, they have sub-par customer service. An expensive $90 mistake.

  63. they charged my card on April 1st and shipped it on the 13th with no apologies no nothing. This is the 4th time i ordered and twice I returned due to poor quality of the fabric and messed sizing. So if the last one fails, then that would be it for me, no more next time for eShakti. Their price does not warrant the poor quality of the materials they used, overrated, don’t be deceived,it only looks nice on pictures.

  64. I placed an order on May 8th and it arrived yesterday. I took advantage of first time customer coupon and chose a dress that was on sale. My measurements fit in the guidelines so i just had the sleeves and skirt length changed. The dress fits beautifullly. It’s hard for me to find dresses that fit and this one is very flattering. Will I buy from them again? Possibly. If the price is right and I’m not in a rush. sometimes I think people forget that not everything can be on your doorstep within a couple of days. Imagine what it must have been like back in the day when you would have all of your clothes custom made….if you didn’t make it yourself.

  65. I have ordered several items from e-Shakti – my daughters also have ordered and are as pleased with their items as I am. In fact, my oldest and I both wore e-Shakti to my grandsons wedding this past week-end.(got lots of complements). Have never had a problem with them about shipping or the quality. Some of the fabrics are a bit stiff – washing and using fabric softener take care of the it.

  66. I purchased a custom made dress from eShakti in July and it came to my house in a decent time frame. The dress was stiff but I liked it that way because it game me structure. I took advantage of the first time buyer’s coupon which made my $38.00 dress $13.00 with the shipping and handling included. I thought, wow I can’t complain for a custom made dress. Well, then it went on to say that I needed to purchase up to $20.00 in order for the coupon to work. Okay so I bought a blouse that was $25.00. So my order ended up being around $35.00. I was excited to have the dress for my celebration of becoming a teacher. After trying it on and modeling it to my parents with the pockets, I realized that I was missing the top. I sent an email explaining what happened with an email and phone # to respond. I haven’t heard from them yet. I decided to call and that was a dead end because to my surprise, they are not based in Washington state, but in India. The toll free number I called just hangs up on you and the Washington number I thought I was calling, goes to another business not related to clothing at all. The poor business owner said that I wasn’t calling eShakti and several other people have called as well. I guess I have to look at my top as being a lost cause and at least I got a dress for $35.00. I was just loving this company and concept that I can get a dress that fits my dimensions for a great price. Now I gotta go back to the drawing board. I wish they are reading this right now so we can settle this matter and I can possibly purchase more items. Please contact me. Its been only 3 days so far and I haven’t heard from you yet. Its not too late and you can really redeem yourselves!

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