Feeling Crafty

No comments yet from anyone! I’m going to cry!

Tonight I have an Officers’ meeting for band, but what I really want to do is sew! I’ve been on a little etsy kick recently, and I just thought up a great new product that I would like for myself, and I think would also do well on etsy.

Visit my etsy shop!

Currently featuring warm fleece scarves, and baby blankets with arms!

I’m not going to say yet what the product is… There’s already a bunch of them listed, but the market isn’t so overrun like it is with scarves. (But D, your scarves are awesome! Mine are more utilitarian, which I guess is not popular with the etsy shoppers.) I just need to get a few cool buttons…

Tomorrow I will be out of the office at TeamSite training all day. Can you sense my excitement? But… the class starts at 9:00. I usually come in at 7:00. Guess who’s sleeping in?!

One comment on “Feeling Crafty

  1. OK, I’ll leave a comment. Haven’t bothered you lately.
    Nice new blog. Saw your new picture. Hmmmm. You’re prettier than that. I’d redo.

    How’s band? I miss it, just too busy though.

    And, what’s a pork dumpling? Any good?

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