This Week…

Monday: Both GG and I had the day off for Presidents’ Day. But not all of our sites were closed for the holiday and people were expecting me to get stuff done, so I ended up working from home for much of the day. I was supposed to meet up with a coworker coming from out of town for dinner, but her plane ended up being delayed and she didn’t get in until late, so instead GG and I went out with his old boss and his wife. I kind of didn’t want to go, but actually they were very cool.

Tuesday: My busy week at work started out with an overnight snowstorm, so GG and I had to shovel out early. When I got to work, it was literally non-stop meetings. I was expected in meetings I hadn’t even been invited to, which was a blast. Apparently they were asking me questions and I wasn’t there – someone finally forwarded me the teleconference information five minutes before the meeting ended so I could dial in and answer. I was invited to another 90 minute meeting over lunch, but they did provide pizza :o) And a half-hour phone call to discuss setting up some training appointments turned into another 90 minutes on the phone.

After work, a couple of us went out with our visitors for sushi. Well, they all ate sushi, I had tempura chicken and vegetables since I don’t eat seafood. (But I wish I did – it looked good!) We had a great time.

Wednesday: I spent the day in a conference room with a few coworkers, testing computer-based training courses. Late in the day, things slowed down, but we expected more to come in so we decided to hunker down, ordered in food, and got to work. I finally left a little after 8 PM, because there was nothing more for me to do, and I hope everyone else headed out soon after! Luckily, I’d already been planning not to go to band practice this week.

Thursday: I moved desks – again – and now sit closer to the rest of my group, yay! I actually arrived before my boxes had been moved, so since I was just moving four desks away from my old spot, I moved them myself and had everything unpacked and set up before the moving guy turned up.

Spent the day locked up in a conference room again testing courses, except there wasn’t much for us to test all day. We were told we should go out for dinner and by the time we got back, there should be work for us. Well, we went to the KoP Mall food court (so our visitors could at least say they’d been to the KoP Mall, even though we didn’t have time for an actual meal), and then headed back to the office. When nothing had come in by 8 PM, we agreed to go home, log on to our computers, and wait around until 10 PM before signing off for the night. I had a horrible headache to the point that I couldn’t even form a sentence when I called GG to tell him I was coming home. Well, stuff came in at 9:30 to test. So I was up until a little after 11 testing, then I just crashed.

Friday: A busy day at work, filled with meetings and last minute reminder e-mail distributions, as our big event begins next week! Since we worked late every day this week, and will be working over the weekend, we decided (and were able) to go home at a reasonable hour. I actually was home before the sun had set!

One of our visitors was supposed to fly home tonight and come back on Sunday, but her flight out was canceled and they rescheduled her for Saturday morning, when we would actually need her to be online, and it would be pointless for her to go home for one night. So she canceled her flights and decided to stay here for the weekend, and GG and I went out to dinner with her.

This weekend: work, party, work, and work.

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