Sweet Valentine’s Surprise

GG and I went out for dinner on Saturday night to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and he did the cutest thing! We were seated and the waitress handed us our menus and a printed list of specials. I didn’t even bother looking at that because I already knew what I was going to order. Then GG mentioned something about one of the specials, so I took a look at the list. There was an appetizer listed, then two entrees, and then a special message from GG (a really awesome life-effecting surprise that I won’t mention here, but no, he wasn’t letting me know that I was pregnant)! It was so sweet and such a neat surprise! I was smiling and laughing so much for the rest of the meal!

On Sunday, besides a brief trip to go grocery shopping, we spent literally the entire day on the sofa. It was lovely. Definitely looking forward to the slightly warmer weather this week! And starting next week, my crazy busy month at work begins, so I will enjoy relaxing this week, as well.

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  1. That menu thing is so cute! So now I am wondering…did you go to Smith and Wollensky? They did something like that on our anniversary. I loved it so much I kept a copy!

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