Linky Thursday – 2/17

Software Calculates Appearance of the Average Woman in 41 Countries: Very neat! I was sort of waiting for a generic, beige, “United States” woman, but I’m glad they didn’t go there.

Atlas Obscura: Really neat compilation of unusual locations all over the world – but actually, I found a few places right in my own state that I’d like to check out!

Logan Real: I read about this guy in the last issue of Lucky magazine. Look, having a background in art myself, I hate discounting and undervaluing people’s work. But this guy is charging $300 to paint geometric doodads on leathergoods that you provide him?! I don’t think so.

Nobody Said Being a Stay-at-Home Mom Was Easy: Another of my OitO quotes was published this week. This one actually happened very recently – I just heard this incredibly interesting snippet of someone’s conversation as they walked past on their cell phone. Would love to know what was going on there…

Fartin: Speaking of things of mine that were published, I forgot to post this one last week, but I also had a submission published on the new site, Captcha Fails. (If you see any funny captchas, send them in, they need submissions!)

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