Day Out with Chicklet, Super Bowl Commercials, a Week Without Snow

On Saturday, MB and A came out for a little visit. A was ready for another guitar lesson with GG, so they retired to the basement while MB and I went out to do girl things. Our first stop was a nearby carpet store that she and A had tried to find on their way to our house, but their directions were all messed up. When I took her there, it turned out that the very first rug we saw was perfect for their family room, so she called A to come over with their car, bought it, and loaded it up! After that, we went over to Zwahlen’s for some hot chocolate (me) and a Yodeler (MB). And then we went to the mall to look at things pregnant ladies like to look at. (Her belly is adorable, by the way.) After a while, we called home to the boys, who had apparently reached the limit of what could be accomplished in a day’s lesson, and they came out and met us for dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen (we refuse to call it CPK), where we had the most energetic! and excited! waiter ever!

I didn’t do anything special for Super Bowl Sunday. GG actually went to his parents’ house for the day, and I ended up staying home to watch the commercials (and doing other stuff during the game). But I had the whole internet to entertain me! Anyway, here are the commercials I wrote down because they amused me:

  • McDonald’s bears
  • LivingSocial lumberjack turning into woman (apparently this was very controversial though!)
  • Audi “escape old luxury” with Kenny G
  • Chevy pickup truck acting like Lassie
  • Bridgestone “reply all” e-mail
  • Old West bar breaking into “Tiny Dancer”
  • Teleflora note “Dear Kim, your rack is unreal” – “my heart told me to”
  • Career Builder monkeys parking a guy in
  • Carmax “feel like a ___ in a ___”
  • Bieber 6G fever “What’s a Bieber?” “Kinda looks like a girl.”
  • reviews
  • Pepsi Max woman’s thoughts vs man’s thoughts
  • Beaver chops down tree to save man who didn’t hit him
  • House refuses churro from child fan, throws cane at him
  • E-Trade baby “bless you, Peppers” sneezing cat

And now we are well into the next week, and it looks like we might actually have a week without a snowstorm! Cross your fingers, because we have a telepresence meeting on Friday that’s already been postponed 2-3 times due to busy schedules and bad weather!

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