Linky Thursday – 2/10

Um, Have You Seen the New Temp?: They published another one of my OitO quotes! Gosh, I don’t even remember submitting this one. It was a couple years ago that people moved to the smaller cubes at work!

Food Network Humor: I found this site via DYAC, and it had me laughing so hard at work I almost started crying. If you are a fan or casual viewer of the Food Network, you will find something here to laugh at, trust me.

NFL Best Fans Ever Super Bowl Commercial – Side by Side: One of the neatest Super Bowl commercials – they took scenes from a bunch of TV shows and edited them to look like they’re wearing football stuff. This video compares the commercial to the original scenes! (I have a problem with it, though – the people on The Office are known to be Eagles fans, not Steelers!)

“Steppin’ Out” – The New Single: Tom Brislin totally tears it up on keyboards on Yes Symphonic Live, and he wants to eat my Christmas cookies. And now he’s covered Joe Jackson!

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