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This weekend we had a rare free Saturday with no plans. We looked up all the local convention centers, but nothing worthwhile was going on (no, we didn’t want to spend $30 to get into the Log Cabin and Timber show). We thought about going to an outlet mall, but they’re all outside and it was freezing. Then, out of the blue, I said, “I’d like to go to the Franklin Mills Mall.”

I’d only been there once, and it must have been in 2000 (because I saw the X-Men movie in the theater there). I remembered it being big, with a lot of empty stores, and a couple big restaurants (we ate at the Rainforest Cafe, and I also remember seeing an Elephant & Castle). Well, things have changed a little bit – there are almost no empty stores, which actually makes the KoP Mall look a bit sad! But the big restaurants are gone, the only non-food court place to eat is Ruby Tuesday. We did have lunch there, it was good, and our waitress was super nice. Also, there was a booth near where we were that was apparently a tight squeeze to get into, and I had a great view of people trying to squish their way in, deciding they can’t fit, and asking to move to a different table.

We ended up parking at one end and walking through, having not seen a map, which was really amusing because the mall is shaped like a lightning bolt! So every time it looked like we were coming to the end of a stretch of stores I would say, “No, I think it was bigger than this, we’ll probably turn a corner,” and then we did turn a corner, zigging and zagging to the opposite end of the mall. GG was totally confused by the layout, and delighted by the hardwood floors. There are places throughout the mall with unusual features, like the “video court,” which has a giant tower of TVs with neon lightning bolts coming out the top. And GG pointed out that the whole mall had a weird mood because there is no music playing outside of the stores. Overall, it feels like nothing has been updated since the mall opened in 1989 (in fact, a lot of stores still have the 1990s version of their logo on the sign, like Bath & Body Works and Bed Bath & Beyond).

There were a lot of random stores we’d never heard of, but I have a feeling they might be parent companies of several brands, all in one store? Can’t think of any examples at the moment. Most places there are “outlets” or “factory stores,” so there were some good deals. We went to a lot of stores, but didn’t really buy much. GG bought some cologne, which he ended up getting for like half the original price when he pointed out that it was last year’s edition. He haggled and he didn’t even know it, I’m so proud of him! Later, he went to play with guitars at the Sam Ash (which he claimed was better than the KoP Sam Ash, but I don’t know about that), and I went to a couple other stores and ended up getting some cheap tops at Banana Republic (as in, the cost for three of them was less than the original price of one of them).

When we got home, we watched Green Zone – I missed the first bit of it and I feel like it completely messed up my understanding of the movie, because I just could not follow the story! So I ended up falling asleep before it ended, and later GG told me who died in the end. Other than that, the rest of our Saturday was spent laying around. Sunday we went out to the supermarket, followed by more laying around. It was too cold to do anything else!

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    • Haha, I had though about posting it, but I don’t think I am knowledgeable enough… GG and I had a great time and really liked the mall, but judging from the other reviews there, it’s apparently a total dump..?

  1. Different opinions on stuff is what makes reading reviews interesting! It’s really descriptive and i’m sure people would find it useful.

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