Busy Night

Busy night last night! While GG was at band practice, I took all the doors off our bottom kitchen cabinets and washed them down with TSP. Then I took them outside and sanded them with the palm sander. And I filled in holes with wood filler, and sanded that. And I got eaten by bugs, as I stood at dusk by a porch light in shorts. Then I washed the drawer fronts with TSP, and the bases of the cabinets. Then I got cleaned up, sat down at the computer, and fixed Dear Diesel. Then I pretended to watch SSBS, but really I fell asleep.

Today is a half day at work, so when I get home GG and I are going to take care of the upper cabinets – removing doors, washing, sanding. Maybe we’ll get to start staining today! Tonight he was invited to do stand-up with some other comedians, so we’ll have to clean up eventually and head out…

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