My Best-Of 2010

Reading over 2009’s Best-Of post, I realized that a lot of things I liked last year I still like. So I might add some different categories.

Movie: The Social Network
I didn’t see too many movies this year. I enjoyed this one because it was the Pirates of Silicon Valley for my generation. And the story is still ongoing!

TV Show: Heroes
I am only putting this here because I watched it from the beginning, and its fourth season, which ended in February, ended up being its last. And I totally called it, at the end of the season finale I said that it was such a great way to end all the storylines and call back to the beginning of season 1, I would have been happy if that was the series finale – and it was!
Runner Up: Lost – just because we all dedicated so much time and thought to this show over the years. I was as disappointed as anyone with the way they didn’t really answer any questions, though. In the end, none of that mattered, because it wasn’t about the story, it was about the people.

Book: Super Sad True Love Story
I read this book months ago and I am still totally obsessed with it. The scary part is how believable it really is. They replayed an interview with Gary Shteyngart from last summer on the radio the other day and I started thinking about it all over again. Wouldn’t it be cool if they made a SSTLS movie? Who could direct it? I’d love to see something dark and gritty, like Tim Burton, but I would most like to see a colorful and manic interpretation by Baz Luhrmann.
Runner Up: Freakonomics – not because it was life-changing (even though it was certainly interesting), but because I read it over the course of my first “real” business trip – the first of many this year.

Theater: Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson
This musical was so awesome, GG and I saw it twice this year – once off Broadway, once on. And I had the cast CD playing in my car non-stop for several months. This show is smart, educational, funny, and has great music.
Runner Up: Ruddigore at Longwood Gardens, performed by the Savoy Company. Probably my second-favorite G&S show after Pirates.

Album: Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson Original Cast Recording
That was a no-brainer. It was also pretty much the only new music I obtained this year. If you want to know what else I’m listening to, just check out last year’s Best-Of list, because it’s still pretty much the same.

Restaurant: Tinto
Our spur-of-the-moment dinner choice turned out to be one of the greatest dining experiences ever (and our most expensive meal to date, whoops!). However, more than anything, I think it confirmed that being members of the No Kids Fun Club is the right choice for us – we could go out for a fancy meal without having to worry about who is home watching a child, or how we’ll pay for a college education.
Runner Up: No 9 Restaurant – I am not a fan of New Jersey, but this place is a definite incentive to cross the river when we are in New Hope.

Vacation: New York City
GG and I just went overnight, but we crammed in a lot of activities, and I became much more confident when it comes to navigating the city and the subway system. The success of this trip (and the ease of getting there, now that we know the secret of the bus!) has encouraged us to visit NYC and take advantage of our proximity more often.
Runner Up: Girlfriends Getaway in Reading, PA – a fun overnight away with three good friends, plus my first professional spa massage!

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  1. I loved our Girlfriend Getaway. And we have those very attractive nightshirts to remember it by! haha

    See you sometime in the new year! ♥

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