Oh, Christmas

Our Christmas was nice, but busy. GG and I went out to Houlihan’s for dinner on Thursday night, just for fun. We ended up with a really cool waiter, and based on his recommendation, GG ordered a special Michelob seasonal winter beer. He liked it so much, he went out the next day to get a case to give as gifts.

As usual, GG and I went to his grandmother’s house for dinner on Christmas Eve. They usually have a lot of seafood, not because they do the Feast of the 7 Fishes, but just because they like it. However, this year we just had some really good lasagna, and salads and stuff. Then we all sat around the TV and switched between “A Christmas Story” and “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.”

GG really wanted to go to his parents’ house early on Christmas morning to have breakfast with them, but I refused to get up so early on a holiday, so he just went by himself. Because of everyone’s schedules, he ended up coming home a couple hours later to see my brother before he had to leave. Then we hung out at home for a while before going to see the rest of my family, where we filled up on appetizers and then sat down for a big dinner! Then we went to GG’s parents’ house for another dinner!

Oh, and of course there were presents at every stop. I wasn’t really into presents this year, and actually did most of my shopping at Oxfam America Unwrapped, just providing one little thing for each person so they’d have something to open, since the Oxfam cards were kind of anti-climactic. I was worried that people would be disappointed, but actually they went over pretty well.

As for presents I received, you know I hate getting gifts. However, probably the thing I am most excited about is a container of Skillet Bacon Jam. I am excited to try it, but sort of nervous because I can’t get past the image of it just being a cup of dirty bacon fat (and I know it’s not!). Once I crack it open, I’m not sure what to try it on first. Burgers maybe? Or brussels sprouts?

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