The Organic Dilemma

A couple weeks go, the LivingSocial deal of the day was a discounted delivery from Suburban Organics. I didn’t purchase the deal, but did look into the company. I’ve been looking to join a CSA for a while, but could never find a good one – all the ones around me were too expensive for what you get, or had inconvenient pick-up times and locations. So this place looked awesome! They will deliver to your home (or office, or wherever you like) on your delivery day, and there are lots of affordable options for delivery sizes, and you can customize your orders if there’s something you don’t like or are allergic to, etc.

They list some of the local farms they get the produce from. Then I wondered, what do they do in the wintertime? According to the web site, they ship in a lot of produce from the southwest and Mexico. So here is the dilemma: is it better to do what’s good for you, and eat organic produce year-round; or to do what’s best for the earth, and eat local produce year-round, even if it means you might be getting some local but not organic stuff?

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  1. I am planning to join Suburban Organics soon, although I will have to have them deliver to my parents’ house because they don’t deliver up here in the boonies! I like that they use local produce when it’s available, which is what I do, and that they use organic otherwise, which is also what I do. I plan to order the little box weekly for me and my husband. I took a look at what is in the box this week, and it is all stuff I will use, which is not always the case with a CSA, or at least the ones around here.

  2. I think it you can’t get local, then organic, even if from further away, works. But if I can find local, conventionally grown produce…I’m a happy camper. We have crazy growing seasons in FL though so we get local produce year round.

  3. Mary, can you let me know how it goes after you join? I was also impressed with the weekly selections – seems like with a lot of CSAs you might end up with like 5 lbs. of turnips one week or something. I like that with these guys you can pretty much put together an “order” each week.

    Nat, I think the problem some environmental types have is that it’s worse environmentally to spend the fuel to transport produce across the country, and it’s better to eat whatever’s in season locally. Which is obviously a little tricky in the northeast, haha :o) (Though I heard FL oranges were encased in ice last night?!)

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